KfW wallbox promotion is coming to an end – hardly any money available

KfW wallbox promotion is coming to an end - hardly any money available-promotion

With the imminent change of government, a change in terms of the strategy of mobility change is imminent. Although all signs in the direction of electromobility could come to surprises. Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer can not be taken and draws a conclusion to very successful KfW wallbox promotion. But the slow but certainly also the funds.

The funding program “charging stations for electric cars in residential buildings” of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has made a great contribution for electromobility in Germany in a very short time. With around 800 million euros, over 800.000 households (who have already submitted requests) with a subsidy of 900 euros when buying and installations of wallboxes supported. If you put the numbers in relation, you quickly realize that around 720 million euros for wallboxes in Germany have already flowed or flowing. Thus, about 80 million subsidy sum in the pot remains, which for the 88.888 charging points can still be used.

The Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW) looked at more than 525 at the end of June.444 Applications for promoting a private charging station. Thus, the KfW grabbed the border of the funding pot, which has now grown to 500 million euros. Not only theoretically, the funding pot was thus emptied rapidly. Therefore, one decided to refill this again in July 2021. 300 million euros were refilled.

Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer evaluates this as a success. As well as the fact that “at the beginning the auxiliary portal of KfW was overloaded in the meantime. That’s how it never existed and shows that we are very close to our promotion. Our balance sheet: Around one million charging points arise at the people at home and that in not a year.”From his point of view, this trend must be continued by the next Federal Government. “Because only with the right incentives we create it that people change to climate-friendly e-cars,” says Scheuer.

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2 thoughts on “KfW wallbox promotion is coming to an end – hardly any money available”

  1. The promotion is exactly on the right targetable path and still has to find the way in multi-family houses.
    It would be important to create a promoted connection to electricity from the sun.
    Photovoltaic is expensive, meaningful for electromobility, should not be missing in the future no more building.
    The implementation of smart grid networks, energy storage and the use of renewable energies still has much expansion potential.
    Then there would be the construction administrations whose negative aura could tolerate a renewal against the use of renewable energies. Meanwhile, it is difficult to install PV systems as laws to avoid the energy saving.


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