KfW wallbox promotion is increased – demand too strong

KfW wallbox promotion is increased - demand too strong-increased

On the 24th. November starts the promotion program announced at the beginning of October for the installation of private charging stations on residential buildings. Per loading point, there is a grants program of the State Funding Bank KfW Package 900 Euro. Meanwhile, in the meantime, 214 million euros of the conveyor volume actually used on 200 million euros were out of print. The federal government reacts accordingly and builds the funding volume to 300 million euros.

That the increase is necessary shows a look at the naked numbers: at 900 Euro subsidy per wallbox would have calculated 222.222 charging points can be promoted. To 31. January’s Kreditanstalt for Reconstruction (KfW) already counted in 192.281 applications for a total of 237.507 charging points. According to KfW, this corresponds to a commitment volume of almost 214 million euros. Say, the actual funding volume has already been exceeded.

But even by the increase of another 100 million euros, to now 300 million euros, only a drop seems to be on the hot stone. Because media assume that the demand for KfW promotion will continue. The application must be made before the purchase of the wallbox. In view of the high demand for limited conveying volume is offered for interested parties.

For the KfW grant, some basic prerequisites apply: The Wallbox must be brand new, have a charging power of 11 kW, be firmly installed and listed on the list of funded charging stations of the KfW Bank responsible for the disbursement. In addition, the charging point – with regard to network service – must be intelligent and controllable. The stream he releases to the electric car must be proven to be eco flow. The promotion must be requested before the charging station is ordered, and will be paid out after completion of the project.

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10 thoughts on “KfW wallbox promotion is increased – demand too strong”

  1. If there is no e-car, every German is now a surprised AC wallbox on state costs – whether the part ever used or not. As gaos under politicians currently a competition for tax loss.

  2. Again and again annoying if you bought a wallbox yourself a year ago. But Hey, at least the network operator can not pure me in my standard wallbox.

  3. I asked the application yesterday, Wallbox will be purchased only in April / May with a PV system. I secure the subsidy with the application or is the time when you submit the bills?

  4. slow !
    I have been trying for over a year with a electricity supplier in the business u. to a loading.
    On my GRDST. get. So a loading., that of each u. public. could be used.
    A pot. Demand would be there u. I think that the 2 parkingpl. would be used around the clock.
    However – wave network operators u. Electricity suppliers all off with the (main) justification:
    , Not pays off ‘.
    In addition, not every mains connection point tolerates a current performance that would then have to flow when charging.
    Want to mean: Then get stronger power cables, fuses, etc. into the ground u. into the counter boxes (if there is still room) what would be associated with civil engineering costs.
    And they have it in themselves !
    Rather think that this is again such a funding program for the electrical system.- and retail is UM
    Your business too, pamppers’.
    A few gr. Loading Pkt in the municipalities would be cheaper and would offer more performance.And that will get steep. Bacukap. reinforce.
    It is so that the average. E-Automotive No TGL. Payload takes. Rather in size. Times and in many cases can already come from the electricity box (with waiting time!).

  5. I drive an electric car because I want to be environmentally unconscious. I have already installed a Heidelberg wallbox with all the trimmers and turn before delivery of the electricity. My streams are promoted, that’s enough for me. You have to control a little yourself. Fits.

  6. … have to pour something here a reality consciousness in the soup.
    You completely knows the problem that it needs the consent of your network operator. Is the BSPW. Firmly the supply line is underbident, then he can reject it. Or – he says under the bed. that will be the supply line, edited ‘. Then …. Yes then wait for the costs. In the law is not in it that the Cape.-Increase to a GRDST. the network operator must pay.

  7. How is that?

    • I am applying today the KfW promotion for a wallbox.
    • After approval, I have 9 months time for installation
    • Now are currently (actually) the wallboxes not available!

    Question: What happens now if completion can not be done within 9 months, as the material – here the wallboxes – are not available. Then expires the promotion and I shot 900 euros in the wind?

    thank you!


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