KfW wallbox promotion is re-enhanced to 300 million. Euro

KfW wallbox promotion is re-enhanced to 300 million. Euro-wallbox

The Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW) looked at more than 525 at the end of June.444 Applications for promoting a private charging station. Thus, the KfW nourishes the border of the funding pot, which has now grown to 500 million euros. Not only theoretically, the funding pot was thus emptied rapidly. He is filled in mid-July, however,. 300 million euros flow in these.

Recently, the Ministry of Transportation had rejected an appropriate offer. The Federal Ministry of Finance builds a program to promote private charging stations for e-cars in residential buildings by 300 million euros, at least the information provided by the German Press Agency on Thursday from government circles. Financing achievements from the energy and climate fund.

With the now 300 million euros, which was awarded to the promotion of wallboxes, the subsidy falls higher than the 200 million euros, the Minister of Transportation Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had demanded at the beginning of July. Scheuer had asked Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) to provide this money. Due to the unbroken high demand, the previous funds amounting to 500 million euros are used up. With the program, the federal government promotes the installation of so-called wallboxes.

The new registrations of electric cars have risen sharply in recent months, mainly due to higher state premiums. More e-cars play an important role so that climate goals can be achieved in traffic. Which has been established at the latest since the prize of the EU Commission yesterday Wednesday. Because these have presented far-reaching plans for more climate protection. These include a ban on sales for new cars with internal combustion engine from 2035 and a kerosene tax for intra-European flights.

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3 thoughts on “KfW wallbox promotion is re-enhanced to 300 million. Euro”

  1. Who can expect Bissel, that builds up a wallbox for 10 € to the wall. I submitted the documents last week. Let’s see if and when it gives the money.

  2. The discussion is very negative here. Here are for everyone who considered a wallbox to be added 900 euros from the state. So to speak from our taxpayers. I think it’s z.b. Make sense this also to certain conditions to achieve the climate goals. Or would you prefer to still want the government to the 300 million. invested in promoting the divisions the diesel vehicles?

  3. Allegedly countless people build a wallbax that do not think about it in the dream, ever driving electric.Why do not you challenge the property or intention ?
    Again a typical scouring. 100e million to the window out.


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