KfW wallbox promotion stopped. No money for wallboxes more.

KfW wallbox promotion stopped. No money for wallboxes more.-promotion

Faster than expected, the KfW has assumed the funding for private wallboxes. At the weekend we were still able to report that from the 800 million euros heavy funding pot still sufficient means for the 88.888 wallboxes are available. A few days later, these funds are also consumed. A renewed increase in the budget is not in the short term.

The funding program “charging stations for electric cars in residential buildings” of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has made a great contribution for electromobility in Germany in a very short time. With around 800 million euros will be 888.888 households with a subsidy of 900 euros when buying and installations of wallboxes supported. New applications are no longer accepted. On the website of the funding program it says: “The promotion was very successful, the funding are exhausted. Please do not make a request anymore.”

However, ongoing applications will continue to be processed – if applicants have fulfilled all funding requirements. If there is an application confirmation, the reserved grant will be paid as soon as the installation of the charging station is detected. The Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW) looked at more than 525 at the end of June.444 Applications for promoting a private charging station. Thus, the KfW grabbed the border of the funding pot, which has now grown to 500 million euros. Not only theoretically, the funding pot was thus emptied rapidly. Therefore, one decided to refill this again in July 2021. 300 million euros were refilled. These were now used accordingly.

Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer evaluates this as a success. From his point of view, this trend must be continued by the next federal government. “Because only with the right incentives we create it that people change to climate-friendly e-cars,” says Scheuer. Overall, 825 are currently.042 Applications for just under a million charging points in progress. The corresponding already a sum of 898.107.300 euros, more than 98 million euros on budget.

However, this is not a problem according to experience, as in the case of funding programs usually more requests are called up, as actually the surcharge received. Currently one goes off that one at around 900.000 charging points ends and thus relatively close to the mathematically possible 888.888 charging points. 900.000 charging points correspond to a total of 810 million euros. Whether the new Federal Government revives KfW Promotion 440 or revoked a completely new program, is not yet foreseeable. At least the traffic light coalition Germany wants to make the electromobility country.

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6 thoughts on “KfW wallbox promotion stopped. No money for wallboxes more.”

  1. Well then I hope that I still get my promotion according to KfW is currently the processing time at around 2 months in the applications

  2. In the lush e-car promotion, the wallbox should actually be there in there so that it does not need additional treats. Much better should the policy finally the obstacles or. Reduce bureaucracy with PV and wind turbines, the people and the environment would have much more.

  3. The promotion should be rebuilt with the condition to register an E-vehicle in the coming 12 months.
    If non-compliance, the funding amount would have to be refunded.


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