Kia could introduce two more E cars on the E-GMP platform 2022

Kia could introduce two more E cars on the E-GMP platform 2022-platform

The Korean car manufacturer Kia wants to follow the Elektro-Crossover Ev6 two more SUVs with EV nomenclature and possibly introduce them in 2022 and bring one year later to the customers. According to the European Product Chief Sjoerd Knipping, one of these two models should be a large, above the EV6 placed SUV, which should be tailored to the US market. The other model, however, is positioned below the EV6 and developed specifically for the European market, as the British Directive Auto Express has experienced by him. From Auto Express as a small foretaste-published design renderings show a compact SUV for the latter model, whose proportions are reminiscent of a caught and softer line management Kia Soul.

Kia has secured the model designations of EV1 to EV9 for its E cars. The US Stromer, according to the British, could hike as EV7 or EV8 into the portfolio and should offer seats for seven people, similar to the SUV Ioniq 7, the KIA sister Hyundai has announced for 2024. The smaller Kia-Crossover for the European market in turn could therefore be presented as EV4, and should take models such as the Volvo C40 and the Mercedes EQA in competition.

The EV4 is to be based on the two presented models KIA EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 on the E-GMP platform of the Hyundai-Kia Group for electric cars. With a slightly shortened wheelbase slightly shortened compared to the EV6, the EV4 should be approximately the dimensions of a current Kia sportage, one of the most popular models of South Korean. Auto Express is based on technical specifications that are close to EV6. Say: Two options for battery packs with 58 kWh or 77 kWh and a range of up to about 500 kilometers. As likely, there are also several drive versions, from the favorable entry-level model with an E-engine in the rear and 125 kW (168 hp) to a two-engine four-wheel model with 239 kW (321PS).

While the E-GMP platform will make the mobile pedestal for many future KIA electro, Knipping also realized that not all KIA streamers will build on this architecture. In addition, not all electric cars should be equipped with the 800 volt battery technology, which brings significant advantages above all when fast-loaded. In smaller vehicle segments, Knipping rich also 400 volts as well as another platform. Whether it is a modification of the current platform of already longer available E-cars such as the Kia Niro-E or a complete new development, Europe’s product chief is not yet decided.

Kia plans to have a total of eleven electric cars in the program by 2025. Of these, six exclusively to have only be used as electric cars, such as the EV6. Five other models should also be besides the electric drive as plug-in hybrids or conventional combustions.

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  1. Keep it up
    So correctly bring the purchase node to burst then only vehicles in the EV3 category and below. But this is generally popular on the market approximately in three years + /-. You are already looking at the horizon, the id.2-class to categorize them like this: VW Group, Stellantis, Renault, Korean,.. And the Japanese will be there too.
    I’m happy for that.

  2. Is probably also similar to the EV6 from the interior and cockpit.
    Would be for me with a decisive point, because in this regard, for example, Tesla style and operation is not mine. But also id.3 /.4 Not: As if you have forgotten there the cockpit in the construction and then subsequently “cleansed”.

  3. Schoooonwoeeder A SUV, I want a small limousine, no longer than the golf and beautiful as the Tesla M3 – but obviously I’m alone in the hallway.


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