Kia EV6 (2021) in the seat rehearsal: We dare the first contact

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Feels like the chic crossover to the future?

Kia EV6 (2021) in the seat rehearsal: We dare the first contact-rehearsal

Since March 15, 2021 we know how the Hyundai Ioniq 5 from Kia – the EV6 – will look like. The South Korean manufacturer also provided numerous technical details during the premiere. It was announced that it will be based on the same platform called E-GMP on which the group brother from Hyundai is based.

Although the framework conditions for the EV6 should actually already be as good as established, Kia stands out discreetly from Hyundai: There will be rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and charging will be carried out across the board using 800-volt technology (this makes excursions to 350 kW fast charging stations possible ), but the batteries, for example, are slightly larger than those of the competition with 58 kW and 77 kW. And already here it was clear: Hyundai is not the same as Kia and Kia is not the same as Hyundai.

The most significant difference awaited us in the performance grades. While the Ioniq 5 puts an end to fun at a maximum of 225 kW, Kia will offer the EV6 with an engine output of up to 430 kW in the future. That's a lot for a crossover that is only 4.68 meters long.

In the back of our head for length comparison, we have here that Tesla has their Model Y with a maximum of 331 kW, Jaguar the I-Pace with 294 kW and Skoda the Enyaq iV with a maximum of 225 kW. 430 kW (or 585 PS) are already a huge announcement to the competition, where they want to make e-mobility a little more palatable via the common rail.

EV6 … the stinger of the future?!

Kia wants to achieve one thing above all: to charge the EV6 series extremely emotionally. In a way, the company is following a similar path to what it once did with the Stinger. It is very likely that not many people will opt for the top version EV6 GT AWD (with 730 Newton meters of torque, by the way), but the model shows us what the E-GMP platform is capable of.

And so the EV6 becomes a kind of electric "Halo-Car" for the brand, before further E-models on this platform (there should be seven in total) arrive on earth.

Kia EV6 (2021) in the seat rehearsal: We dare the first contact-seat

At the first personal meeting, this aura becomes noticeable relatively quickly, even when standing. The digital tiger nose – as Kia calls the new "radiator grille" – and the front drift a little bit into arbitrariness.

But the overall package consisting of the flat and wide silhouette and above all the excitingly designed rear with the continuously curved rear light and the indicators underneath make you want more. The same tingling sensation develops as it did back then – when you got a glimpse of the Jaguar I-Pace for the first time. The VAG products based on MEB could cut a slice of it.

Purse? Under the center console …

Fold-out door handles (these also fold electrically in the top model) lead into the interior, where two 12-inch displays arranged next to each other await us behind a curved cover glass, giving the impression of a continuous screen unit. On it, Kia visualizes everything that should inform and entertain in a revised look.

The systems seem to run smoothly and after a customary familiarization phase, the EV6 should be quite easy to use. Especially since the most important functions on a touch surface arranged underneath and on the free-floating center console are always kept available at the touch of a one-touch button.

As with many other manufacturers who are now making electric cars, Kia is proud of the use of sustainable materials such as PET bottles or vegan leather. The vegan leather is particularly interesting because it actually feels like real cowhide. Very pleasant.

As long as you have taken a seat in the front seats, this pleasant feeling will not be discussed away very quickly, because on the whole all the components for an electric car that does not call itself "Premium" are amazingly well made. This is Jaguar I-Pace level. And about Enyaq or ID.4.

In the back seat, however, two negative characteristics can be seen. One thing had already been suggested on the exterior tour: If you want to transport taller people in the rear, it is better not to transport taller people in the rear. The silhouette looks as sharp as a rat from the outside, but heads have to roll somewhere.

And the rather short panoramic glass roof and the flat side windows contribute significantly less to a lush feeling of space than the very good legroom to the front seats.

The second point of criticism could be the hard plastic seat shells in the front seats, the look and feel of which the passengers in the back seat are constantly confronted with. Only one thing really helps: Connect your smartphone to the USB sockets in the side panels and stare at the mobile phone display you brought with you until the lucky ones in the first row announce their arrival.

Trunk + Frunk = up to 1,352 liters

It becomes significantly more spacious in the trunk. 520 to 1,300 liters are possible. This size is definitely not expected from the external appearance. The rear seats can be folded down to form a flat loading area. A so-called "Frunk" is also available for small things. There is space for another 52 liters (for the 2WD models) or 20 liters (for the 4WD models and here in the picture).

Incidentally, the prices start at 44,990 euros. This puts the Kia at VAG level. The manufacturer installs the large battery from 54,990 euros. Deliveries will begin in autumn and the GT version, which should be 3.5 seconds faster to 100 km / h than a Lamborghini Urus, will start in winter 2022.

But we think you don't necessarily have to wait for the top version. Because actually every EV6 has that halo effect that Kia wants. A good foundation for achieving the goal of generating around 40 percent of total sales with e-cars by 2030.

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And if you are interested in the technical details of the Kia EV6, you will find all the latest information on prices, dimensions, battery sizes, charging times, trailer loads and other cool features of the model here.

Picture gallery: Seat rehearsal in the Kia EV6 (2021)

Kia EV6 (2021) in the seat rehearsal: We dare the first contact-first

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