Kia Ev6 gets “CO2 Measured” label of Carbon Trust

Kia Ev6 gets

As the first vehicle of a Korean brand, the KIA EV6 has received the certification of its CO2 footprint and the greenhouse gas balance label “CO2 Measured” by the Environmental Protection Organization Carbon Trust and the greenhouse gas balance label “CO2 Measured“. At the first KIA model designed exclusively for the battery drive, the company has laid the greatest value to reduce the CO2 footprint in addition to emission-free mobility, the CO2 footprint throughout the lifecycle, from raw materials and parts procurement to assembly, distribution and use of the vehicle up to its recycling.

The Carbon Trust is an independent partner of leading organizations around the globe. He advises companies with regard to their possibilities in a sustainable and CO2-poor world and measures and certifies the ecological footprint of organizations, supply chains and products. The greenhouse gas balance of the KIA EV6 was determined on the basis of the internationally recognized standard PAS 2050. The meaningful product evaluation of the Carbon Trust includes emissions from the production of the raw materials until the end of the life of the product and is measured in CO2 equivalents (CO2E). The Carbon Trust Seal “CO2 Measured” confirms the accuracy of these measurements and provides the customer independently tested information about the CO2 emissions associated with their purchase.

Kia has put the electrification to the center with his long-term strategy “Plan S” and laid the foundation for a complete e-product range. The EV6 is the first of eleven new battery-powered models that the brand wants to introduce until 2026. The first KIA is based on the new electro platform E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform). Its combined range of up to 528 kilometers is one of the highest in the automotive automotive, and thanks to the ultrafast 800 volt charging technology, it can be charged at a correspondingly powerful charging station in just 18 minutes from 10 to 80 percent. In addition, the interior of the EV6 is exceptionally spacious to the manufacturer. At the same time, the holistically environmentally oriented approach – of Seat covers from vegan leather (equipment-dependent) to fabrics and carpets made of recycled plastic, whose amount used here is more than 100 semblayer plastic water bottles.

KIA persecutes its sustainability strategy on a wide front. In 2019, the company received the certification according to the Energy Management Standard ISO 50001 and recently requested membership in the climate initiative RE100, which has set itself a 100% energy supply from renewable sources to the goal.

The Carbon Trust founded in 2001 cooperates worldwide with companies, organizations and governments. It helps them to contribute to a more sustainable future through CO2 reduction, resource efficiency and marketing of CO2-poor business activities, systems and technologies and at the same time benefiting. The Carbon Trust helps his partners to coordinate their strategies with climate science and achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement. He offers expert advice and security so that investors and financial institutions can trust that green financing also really have green results. And he supports the development of CO2-poor technologies and solutions in order to create the basics of the energy system of the future. The headquarters of the Carbon Trust is London, but the more than 200 employees from more than 30 countries operate on five continents.

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3 thoughts on “Kia Ev6 gets “CO2 Measured” label of Carbon Trust”

  1. Which vehicles of other brands have this label already?

    Why does not the ioniq5 have it?? Or?

    Questions about questions to the press department of KIA or the publisher of the article &# 128521;
  2. What is such a label? If it is awarded to corporations, the continued 90% of their cars will manufacture as a combustion? The consumers are already confused with worthless, well-sounding labels. The whole thing is nothing but marketing gagging. This would like to suggest that you are environmentally conscious than others. In my eyes absolutely unsing.

  3. The first vehicle of a Korean brand has the KIA EV6

    This article is just about this vehicle 😉
    Fact is also:
    … that companies awarded a label or assessment and have to live by this award (deserve their maintenance) will be valued after payment.
    Nobody can independently evaluate as long as its livelihood depends on it.

    The past has shown that these label I.D.R. not even the paper would be worth what they would print. (Blue Angel, Marine Stewardship Council, Sentinel House etc …)

    It remains exciting


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