KIA EV6 in the test: First seat rehearsal in Koreas -Teslafighter – Tests

Now the electric mid-range SUVs come. Site has already taken a seat in the KIA EV6.

The wave of the compact electric SUVs rolls. Teslas Model Y is already a seller in the USA, VW answers with the practical ID.4 And now Korea is moving up with the Ioniq 5 and the Kia EV6. The two vehicles are on the same technical basis, but differ visually enormously. Site took sitting sample in the EV6.

At 4.70 meters, the KIA EV6 is little shorter than a passat and with a height of about 1.55 meters. So this electric kia is hardly a real SUV. Because of its long wheelbase of 2.90 meters and the aerodynamic sidelines, its proportions are more like the larger-dimensioned electro-crossover jaguar i-pace.

The Kia designers have given the EV6 the typical “tiger face”, but it was clearly modernized. Part of the new "tiger face" is the daytime running light with a dynamic, "sequential" light pattern. Below is a flat air inlet that underlines the width of the vehicle front.

A character line that optically extends the profile runs along the doors and then swings up to the rear wheel runs. At the rear are integrated into the C-pillars of high-glossy inserts that give the impression that the window glass continues here. Above that is a striking, wing -like roof spoiler. It is supposed to lead the air flow to a deeper spoiler that forms the upper end of the rear light unit.

Despite its technical relationship to Ioniq 5 and certain similarities to other crossovers, the EV6 is an independently designed electric car, the proportions of which look better with your own eye than on press photos.


The EV6 interior space benefits from the dedicated electric car platform of the Hyundai-Kia Group. In contrast to previous Korean electric cars, the engineers of the EV6 did not have to work with a technical basis that should also accommodate combustion engines, the exhaust pines and gears of which are supposed to accommodate. This is reflected in the long wheelbase and the large space inside.

Adults find space for both front and the stock. The trunk is not huge with 520 liters, but sufficiently dimensioned. The back seat can be folded up for even more storage space: up to 1300 liters are then free. Depending on the model, there are another 20 to 50 liters of storage space under the front hood, in the so -called frunket. But at most it is good for charging cables.

In contrast to previous e-cars from Korea, the processing, material and design of the interior of the EV6 are also very good. Kia relies on high-quality plastics made of recycling material and vegan leather. The EV6 also makes a tremendous jump compared to previous electrical kias in the infotainment system: a seamless, arched central screen and a slim dashboard give the interior an open atmosphere.

KIA EV6 in the test: First seat rehearsal in Koreas -Teslafighter - Tests-teslafighter
Kia KIA EV6 in the test: First seat rehearsal in Koreas-Teslafighter


Of course, the drive cannot be tested in a seat test. However, Kia promises various purely electrical drive variants, including two battery variants for the long-distance version (77.4 kWh) and the model with standard range (58.0 kWh). The EV6 GT Line is offered with both battery variants, the GT version exclusively with the more powerful battery. The crossover is the first electro-kia that is optionally available as an all-wheel drive (AWD) in addition to the two-wheel drive (2WD).

The EV6 2WD with 77.4 kWh battery has a combined range of over 510 kilometers (according to WLTP). It has a 229-hp electric motor that drives the rear wheels. The all -wheel drive version has a engine with 325 hp output and 605 Nm torque and completes the sprint from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 5.2 seconds.

The EV6 AWD with standard battery (58.0 kWh) is powered by a 235 hp electric motor, which also provides 605 Nm torque, and accelerates to 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds. The rear-wheel drive with standard battery has an electric motor with 169 hp power.

The EV6 GT, whose two engines mobilize a total of 584 hp, moves easily at Tesla in terms of performance. Its maximum torque of 740 Nm catapults the all -wheel drive from a standing start to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.5 seconds. The acceleration ends at the top speed of 260 km/h. Electronic blocking differential software should make the EV6 even more dynamic and controllable.

KIA EV6 in the test: First seat rehearsal in Koreas -Teslafighter - Tests-first
Kia KIA EV6 in the test: First seat rehearsal in Koreas-Teslafighter

Of course, without a practical test can only be speculated via real ranges. In the previous e-drive tests, Korean electric cars such as the Hyundai Ioniq or Kia E-Niro were shown as particularly efficient electric cars. The IONIQ reached the Efahrer motorway test (180-kilometer motorway round at GPS speed 130 km/h) consumption of less than 20 kWh per 100 kilometers. If you also use these consumption for the EV6, the EV6 with standard battery on the motorway should drive almost 300 kilometers, the EV6 with long-distance battery even around 400 kilometers.

Particularly short loading times should also make the EV6 suitable for long -distance routes. At 800-volt fast loaders such as the widespread ionity charging stations along the German motorway, all model variants should be able to charge the battery in just 18 minutes from 10 to 80 percent. And the 2WD versions with 77.4 KWH battery can "refuel" range in less than four and a half minutes.

Practicability, prices & conclusion

The EV6 can also be used as a gigantic power bank. A new "Vehicle-to-Load" function (V2L) enables an adapter power to tap from the EV6. A 55-inch TV and a medium-sized air conditioning system can be operated for up to 24 hours at the same time via this function, which provides electricity with a power of up to 3.6 kW. If necessary, another electric vehicle can be charged.

The EV6 is also able to pull trailers with a weight of up to 1.6 tons. The trailer load, preparation for roof racks and charging function make the EV6 an outdoor and utility value ace.

The KIA EV6 can already be pre -ordered online and is to be delivered from October. The base price for the model with rear -wheel drive and standard battery is around 45.000 euros. Teslas Model Y is in the same price range, the basic ID.4 becomes smaller but cheaper. Which E-SUV prevails is decided at the end of the customer. With the EV6, the e-car world is always richer by an exciting car.

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