Kia wraps the Niro in a new guise

Kia wraps the Niro in a new guise-wraps

Kia presented the new Niro for the first time at the Seoul Mobility Show. The new generation of the popular crossover, which will be launched next year and will be available with hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric powertrains, is an integral part of the growing range of electrified Kia models and addresses the complex needs of environmentally conscious customers. So far, however, Kia has mainly commented on the design. Concrete information on the technical data of the new Niro is still pending.

“Kia continues its journey towards a more sustainable future and invites everyone to join the movement into the new era of mobility,” said Ho Sung Song, President and CEO of Kia. With its environmentally friendly materials, advanced technologies and electrified powertrains, the new Niro facilitates a sustainable lifestyle while at the same time meeting the practical needs of customers.

The completely redesigned Niro was developed on the basis of the Kia design philosophy “Opposites United” (united opposites) and is oriented to “Joy for Reason” (joy from reason), as one of the pillars of the philosophy is called. Inspired by nature, both in design and in its colours, materials and finishes, he wants to strike the perfect balance between an environmentally responsible approach and a forward-looking role model.

The crossover look and the body with design elements in contrasting colors clearly show that the new Niro is strongly influenced by the Kia Habaniro study presented in 2019. The wide C-pillars, which also help to optimize the airflow, merge into the boomerang-shaped taillights at the rear. Their characteristic vertical design underlines the aerodynamics and technology orientation of the new Niro and at the same time emphasizes the optical width and stability of the crossover with the powerful shoulders. According to Kia, the rear also appears modern and appealing because it combines simply designed surfaces with dynamic sections.

Kia wraps the Niro in a new guise-nirokia

The typical Kia “tiger face” has been further developed for the new Niro and now extends below the bonnet over the entire width of the sweeping, robustly designed front bumper. The lateral end of the front design is formed by the striking LED daytime running lights in the form of a “heartbeat curve”, which contributes to the significantly more self-confident appearance of the crossover compared to its predecessor.

In the interior, Kia underscores its commitment to sustainability through the use of new recycled materials and gives an indication of future model development. The headliner, for example, is made of recycled wallpaper material, the seats are made of organic polyurethane (Bio-Pu) with Tencel from eucalyptus leaves, and the paint used for the door panels is free of BTX aromatics (benzene, toluene and xylene isomers).

Kia wraps the Niro in a new guise-wrapsKia

In the asymmetric design of the dashboard, horizontal and diagonal lines face and create a soothing, but also tensile aesthetics. The stylish central console is easy to use, and the transmission control electronic rotary control is located on a large glossy-black area, which is simplicable and contemporary. The infotainment screen and the ventilation nozzles are integrated with trapezoidal enclosures in the dashboard. An ambient lighting should underline the inviting character of the interior. The seats, which have a particularly slim design, also contribute to its generosity, comfort and elegance. This also applies to the headrests, which also have practical clothes hangers integrated into their backs.

In addition to the aerodynamic design and the sustainable materials, Kia is also promoting the environmental friendliness of the new Niro when driving. The plug-in hybrid and hybrid versions have a new “Greenzone Drive Mode”, which can automatically switch the drive system to purely electric operation depending on the battery charge – for example when driving in environmental zones in residential areas or near schools and hospitals. The system automatically switches to electric mode on the basis of navigation instructions and historical driving data if the driver has defined the “Greenzone Drive Mode” as a preference in the vehicle settings. As a “green zone”, it also recognizes frequently driven locations, such as the driver’s home or workplace, which are stored in the navigation system.

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  1. From the article:

    »HEV, PHEV:” “Greenzone Drive Fashion” … in residential areas or near schools and hospitals … at the home or workplace of the driver … “

    -> As if we could do it (still), to divide our world into a dirty and a “green” zone .. &# 128577;

  2. He looks really good ..

    Give Kia someone’s tip that it does not need the GreenMode if it’s just as BEV.

    Nevertheless, Kia is at the bottom because that then delayed the sale of all Niros to sell the E models to start the “Starfamenthahase”. They wanted then that I wait 14 months on my car.

    Just bad, consistent action looks different to me

    Someone will enjoy the Niro & EV6

    it remains exciting


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