Kreisel Electric develops rally electric car

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Kreisel Electric develops rally electric car-rally

Since 2014, the Upper Austrian Company has developed Kreisel Electric innovative system solutions for all areas of e-mobility. The focus is on the development of sustainable power solutions for mobile use with special attention to equally fast and efficient, as well as highly secure loading and unloading operations. After successful individual projects, which provided for the appropriate public (for example: electrification of a Mercedes G on behalf of Arnold Schwarzenegger), Kreisel Electric now goes the next step and puts its products in the toughest, conceivable motorsport environment: the rallyes port.

The goal is not less than with its own electrically powered competition vehicle at the Austrian championship 2021. And for the first time in the serious motorsport environment of the class “Rally 2″, the electric drive opposite conventional combustion drives.

In order to bring the many years of experience of the company in the field of e-drives to the ground, it requires a strong partner with an equally rich experience of experience in the infight of the rally sport. Such one was found with the 14-fold Austrian Rallye Steimmeister Raimund Baumschlager and its company BRR (Baustschlager Rallye & Racing).

“We face the challenge of making electrically operated rally vehicles competitive. With our pronounced racing DNA and the electro-know-how of roundabouts, we will take the unique opportunity to exploit another, exciting chapter in rally sports.”- Raimund Baumsteller, owner of BRR

The aim of the project, thus further, be it, among other things, to convince racing enthusiastic fans from the performance of electrically operated vehicles in everyday use and thus make an important contribution to the electrification of individual traffic.

From now on, it goes after extensive preparatory work (analysis and concept development has been taking place for a year in close cooperation) in the hot phase of development of a racing vehicle of the Rally 2-Class. A first, mobile prototype should be done by May 2020, after an intense test and coordination phase, first inserts are planned as a demonstrator and advance vehicle from summer 2020. Competition missions of the car are planned in coordination with the motor sports authorities with selected competitions 2021.

Why Rally?

The ambitious strategy of Kreisel Electric, the self-developed drive and battery modules in rally sports to test, goes back to the start of the company. The aim was always to set benchmarks, both in terms of fast charging capacity, as well as the temperature management of the battery cells, the highest possible safety on everyday use of the total technology incl. Loading infrastructure to ensure. After this goal was largely achieved in terms of development, it is time for the important next step: the testing under real conditions.

The rally sport is for this reason for several reasons the appropriate environment. First, the highest demands for weatherability and robustness are placed on vehicle and drive, which is to be tested in real use. In addition, everyday use of E-propulsion systems in no other racing category is reflected similarly as in the rally sport.

Charging power of 250 kW at 900 volts

In addition to special checks, where high performance is in demand from start to finish, there are connection buildings similar to everyday use of an electric car. The narrow time windows of tankstopps consequently challenges the fast-loadability of the system for challenges: Within 10 minutes, the batteries of the race vehicle must not only be charged enough, but also bring the full performance right away.

“We speak here from a charging power of 250 kW at 900 volts, which in particular returns the cooling of the batteries into focus. The system of gyro is designed so that the temperature of the cells does not rise during loading. In the rally vehicle, this means that full performance from the moment you tap the charging plug. For series production, this means: the greatest possible safety and long service life. In addition, because on site can not be expected with no corresponding powerful power grid, the charging infrastructure must operate autonomously.”- Philipp Greifer, Managing Director and Development Responsible at Kreisel Electric

The development of an electric vehicle of the Rally 2-Class is currently well advanced. The key data of 205 kW continuous performance using a 900V battery system with a total weight of less than 1300 kilograms are set. At the simulation level, extensive comparison tests of the different drive systems are already carried out. With further details and first pictures from about April 2020 is expected.

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