Kreisel Electric: Now equips electro motor boats with batteries for races

Kreisel Electric: Now equips electro motor boats with batteries for races-equips

Since 2014, the Upper Austrian Company has developed Kreisel Electric innovative system solutions for all areas of e-mobility. Most recently, one made with the electric car RE-X1 of themselves. Now it goes to the Austrians also on the water. For in the future, Kreisel Electric will supply the battery for each electric racebird motorboat, which participates in the E1 series, which starts in 2022.

The RaceBird motor boats will rise above the water surface thanks to the innovative hydrofoil technology, which ensures minimal air resistance and maximum energy efficiency. This paired with a maximum peak power of 150 kW and a battery capacity of 35 kWh a quick acceleration and greater range between the charging operations can be enabled.

“The electrification plays a crucial role in the decarbonization of oceans, seas and rivers, and creatures of state-of-the-art battery technology will enable us to meet our mission to revolutionize maritime mobility,” says Rodi Basso, co-founder and CEO of E1. From Kreisel Electric Gives founders and managing director Markus Kirzer to understand: “The cooperation with E1 allows us to present the incredible performance that can provide gyros Batteries. Since the electrification of cars and commercial traffic is the new standard, we must now go the next steps towards sustainable maritime solutions. The conformity of all our batteries with the DNV-GL marine standard allows us to expand the scope beyond everything previously beyond.”

Decisive for the batteries of Kreisel Electric due to the patented immersion cooling technology to set a new scale for providing the required continuous high performance performance for the racebird. The dip cooling technology from gyro is used in both electric motor sports as well as in the PowerBoat area. As the exclusive supplier of the powertrain for the FIA World RX1E Racing Kit, gyro has done pioneering work at the electrification and the powertrain for the SAY29E Runabout Carbon has been developed.

Sometimes Kreisel Electric was more likely to be known for successful individual projects, which provided for appropriate public. Approximately: Electrification of a Mercedes G on behalf of Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as the resulting transverse connection that Schwarzenegger Greta Thunberg wanted to send a trip with a Tesla Model 3.

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