Kreisel Electric opens new high-tech research and development center as Headquarters

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Kreisel Electric opens new high-tech research and development center as Headquarters-electric

In Rainbach in the Muhlkreis in Oberosterreich Kreisel Electric opens new high-tech research and development center, which also serves as a headquarters. To almost 7.000m² area are now a prototype workshop and a completely automated production line for gyro electric battery storage for featuring car, truck, bus, boot or airplane smalleries and storage solutions.

In 2018, over 200 employees will be employed at this location. The investment was made on the part of the company to accelerate the watchroom course and expand the business in the field of e-mobility internationally.

“I am very proud that Kreisel Electric drives the electrification in Austria as a technology leader and also worldwide. Human ingenuity is the basis for innovation, technology and thus for future growth and jobs.

Here we want to be a pioneer and gyration is a successful example that two shows: First, that you have not necessarily been a successful company for reasons with or in Harvard, and second, that we have the potential in Austria to have the potential in Austria to play the top.”- Christian Kern, Austrian Federal Chancellor likes.

But not only in Europe, the company is interested in interest, even above the large pond, you have spanned its sensors and will be there from the Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and lawyer Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger, nephew of the former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has a group Strategic partner is supported. The network behind has its own statement about the best connections in politics and economics, which will be useful in later expansion plans in the USA.

“Technologies of Kreisel Electric belongs to the future. California has already made it: With renewable technologies you can create jobs and profits. And that with a positive effect on the environment. Our goal is to make Kreisel Electric a global market leader in the emobility and I am looking forward to a close and successful cooperation with the excellent centrifugal Electric team “- Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger

Technology leadership is underlined by a new research and development center

The opening of the new building in the form of the gyroscope Electric Logos enables the innovative solution provider of system solutions, to award licenses as well as to manufacture small series itself and thus to serve increased demand worldwide. Thus, Kreisel Electric wants to further expand the technological leadership at international level with B2B customers from Europe, USA, India and Asia overall and strengthen its position as a global provider of power storage solutions.

Powered with energy, the Kreisel Electric High-Tech Research and Development Center by specially produced electricity. For this purpose, the company is based on a combination consisting of a 90m² photovoltaic system – Power: 250 kWp, a battery storage with 1.248 kWh capacity, as well as a 17.000 liters of fuming hot water tank. Furthermore, the use of waste heat and heat pumps helps to produce the necessary energy for battery heating itself and to feed into the own power grid.

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