Kreisel Electric Shell: E-batteries more powerful and longer viable

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Kreisel Electric Shell: E-batteries more powerful and longer viable-shell

Kreisel Electric and Shell have developed a unique and competitive battery solution that combines gyros innovative lithium-ion battery module technology with the tailor-made thermal management fluid from Shell. The result is a battery which can be used in both electric passenger cars and electro-commercial vehicles. The centrifugal and shell solution offers improved energy efficiency of up to 28% for battery cooling compared to conventional sidewall cooling, as is common in the automotive industry. An announcement.

Basis for the common, novel battery is a laser welded battery that includes single cell fusion and controlled degassing channels. This in turn has combined Kreisel Electric with high energy cells. This waits the battery, compared to conventional batteries, with an excellent power weight and a prolonged battery life while ensuring the critical battery stability and security. Efficient design and innovative thermal management system enable competitive and automated production. Shell in turn controls a special non-conductive thermal management fluid that dips the battery cells into the gyro battery design.

Shell and gyros bring their expertise from core competencies

“Shell has always been anxious to improve the efficiency, performance and service life of engines, so it is no surprise that they also developed the best fluid for active battery diving cooling,” said Markus roundabout, Managing Director of Kreisel Electric. Spires also emphasizes that the fluid from Shell is an integral part of the battery modules of Kreisel Electric. “It effectively controls the temperature of each individual battery cell, even with quick charge or fast acceleration. This stabilizes the cells, which in turn offers a better security environment. The shell fluid also improves the performance of the cells, which leads to a high power weight that improves the range and extends the life of the cells, “so the managing director of Kreisel Electric continues.

In the associated press release, companies give to understand that efficiency of a battery is closely linked to the energy needed to either heat or cool the battery so that it reaches its optimal operating temperature. Exactly at this point, the rotary and shell solution sets. Because there is less energy for regulating the battery temperature, since the special fluid has strong thermal management properties and also touches the surface of the battery cells. In reversal, an improved range can be achieved in relation to the battery size, as well as a longer life because less energy is wasted to maintain the optimum operating temperature of the battery.

“The electrification plays a crucial role in deconbonization, especially for the future of mobility. Cooperation is the key. Through cooperation with Kreisel Electric, we can help meet the customer’s demand for low-priced, powerful, lighter, safer and more durable battery systems.”- Carlos Maurer, Executive Vice President, Global Commercial, Shell

The companies further conduct that the solution also works better under fast load conditions. So the rotary and shell battery system can improve battery life by up to 80% at a quick charge. In the future, one will also operate joint research and development to improve the battery and fluid technology system.

“Cooperation with Kreisel Electric and its state-of-the-art battery technology enables us to fulfill our mutual obligation to improve the safety and stability of electrical batteries while improving their performance at the same time. The technology of immersion cooling plays a key role in the next generation of batteries and their advantages will help to accelerate the introduction of battery-electric solutions, especially in the transport sector,.”- Selda Gunsel, Vice President, Global Commercial Technology, Shell

To the background: When the electric cars come: What happens to petrol stations? This question has Shell in October 2017 through the acquisition of the Mobility Service Provider NewMotion, which is not less than 50.000 charging stations across Europe and owns your own statement according to the largest shop law in Europe, answered conclusive. You extend your own offer. In this case not only by a growing e-auto charge network, but also through the participation in innovative battery technology.

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  1. I hope so! On a solution that does not have to be exchanged every two three years, for a few hundred euros. As with another automaker.

  2. Reduce the internal resistance of the cells dramatically, choose the price and thermally cheapest cell format and you can do without filigree cooling – ah, you can not do, makes Tesla with the 4680 cells !


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