Kripo Lower Saxony: to the scene with the ID.3

Kripo Lower Saxony: to the scene with the ID.3-saxony

The police Lower Saxony is strengthening in their future missions on electro-mobility of Volkswagen. The Authority has at Europe’s market leader for fully electric cars total 215 copies of the ID.3 ordered as emergency vehicles. This is from a message from VW. The Lower Saxony Police is therefore the first authority in Germany, which sets in this magnitude on pure electric vehicles. In addition, the police will increase their existing fleet of 160 Volkswagen Passat GTE by another 175 hybrid models of the Passat, it continues to say. The id.3, which roll in Zwickau and Dresden from the tape, should be successively delivered to the police from August.

The application possibilities of electric cars in the police everyday life are already more far-reaching today than accepted. This has resulted in a multi-year research project. Under the name “silent&ready to use “proven the police of Lower Saxony, the Technical University of Braunschweig and the Lower Saxony Research Center Vehicle Technology (NFF) there are various applications of electric vehicles within the police.

The automobile manufacturer received the order under a Europe-wide tender. “This decision in favor of Volkswagen is significant and may have a role model for further authorities in Germany and beyond,” says Holger B. Santel, the head of Volkswagen Germany. “We have a strong offer and hope that further authorities in Germany and Europe are increasingly focusing on e-mobility.”According to VW, about the Viennese police are currently testing both the ID.3 Like the ID.4

The ID vehicles for the police Lower Saxony are neutral vehicles as well as emergency vehicles of the Criminal Police. The latter are equipped with radio and blue light, which can be attached to the vehicle roof in the event of an application. The 175 Passat GTE are intended for use in stripping service and also for observation. They are shipped as radio stripes in the well-known color of the police including blue light and radio, as well as hidden cripofing vehicles. All vehicles are divided into the eight police authorities as well as the Lower Saxony Police Academy at the Hanover, Braunschweig, GOttingen, Luneburg, Oldenburg, Osnabruck and Nienburg.

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6 thoughts on “Kripo Lower Saxony: to the scene with the ID.3”

  1. Once once a police vehicle had to be faster than the “criminal vehicle” – there was Porsche 911 at the motorway police – hopefully the “bad boys” are not in a Tesla, otherwise our German ordinal headers are also acting afterwards as Germany progress in the progress Digitization or flood protection.

    Is Niedersachsen not shareholder at VW with 20% – for me this somehow has a “tasteless”, but I’m also confessing Tesla Fanboy
    &# 128521;

  2. Meeting point with Walter ROhrl on the Nordschleife, you get a stronger car, who wins probably still? You have to master a car, only high performance is not enough, betting!
    The e-technician (electricity)

  3. An indication of the commenting ends

    Your eternal primitive elevated over Tesla Ober other brands certainly goes on the sack.
    That does not evaluate the comment function.
    What a problem is you actually?

  4. Funny discussion of the Dreifreschkolumnists. Tesla has been in Switzerland in Switzerland for over a year in the police. Successful by the way. So here also Tesla 1, VW 0

  5. OMG, it is getting ridiculous here.
    I’ve opened this thread with great tension and was not disappointed – where Powerwall Thorsten is dranning, is always Powerwall Thorsten in it.
    Thorsten, you always understand it beautifully to trigger a very lively discussion. However, the answers are usually only on the level of toddlers in the sandbox. Incidentally, I especially well has the term

  6. Such news should obtain signal effect on the rest of the authorities and citizens. For this, the state and federal government continue to drive at least 6- if not 8 cylinders. And instead of the 1. To use class train tickets, we prefer to take a federal carrier, otherwise it could be that the Lord of State Secretary or Ministers must take a normal citizen.
    It should not be forgotten who paid this luxury!!


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