Lamborghini builds an electric sports car

Lamborghini with a new strategy

Instead of "Roaaaaar" future "Surf": Lamborghini builds an electric model

Lamborghini builds an electric sports car-builds
pressed form Lamborghini Aventador

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The next request! Hardly any car manufacturer stands more for shameless rotating high -performance engines and emotional sports cars than Lamborghini. But the brand with the bull is also electrical – and is looking forward to a fourth series.

What did the Lamborghini managers and above all Lamborghini development chief Maurizio Reggiani not fight against all electrification tendencies for the in-house dream cars. Again and again Reggiani underlined "that Lamborghini stands for uncompromising V10 and V12 suction engines with high speeds". Maurizio Reggiani knows the brands of the brand from Santa Agata near Bologna like no other. Under branders Stephan Winkelmann, he knows many of the Lamborghini customers personally, knows about their wishes, fears and sensitivities when it comes to his own dream car in the well -equipped garage.

Lamborghini builds an electric sports car-builds
pressed form Lamborghini Huracan

The future plans: 12 -cylinder remains – for the time being

There have been plans for many years to breathe new life into the Aventador, the aging flagship of the brand with the fighting bull. Electric front axle, roaring V12 vacuum cleaner as a mid-engine, plus all-wheel drive and martial design and probably more than 1000 hp, so that the emerging electric brands with their performance of up to 2000 hp no longer dance around the established northern Italians on the nose. Twelve cylinders and a splendidly roaring twelve – that was Lambo and a little surprising it should stay that way in the medium term. Because even if the Power SUV and Audi-RS-Q8 twin brother Lamborghini Urus now earn a large part of the money with gigantic sales shares, Group Leaders Herbert Diess now seems to have become soft.

Lamborghini in miniature format: Automechanics builds tiny replica

Lamborghini builds an electric sports car-format Automechanics builds tiny replica

Cameraone Lamborghini in miniature format: Automechanics builds tiny replica

A radical change of course

He had repeatedly rejected the expensive electrification plans of the Aventador successor because of expected. Electric front axle, a new double clutch transmission, carbon chassis and other high-tech inserts for a super sports car that wants to become a hyper-sports enthusiast with an electric figure sheet was too little.

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Lamborghini builds an electric sports car-builds

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But now the thumb in the triangle of power between Munich, Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg seems to have raised themselves, because the returned brand CEO Stephan Winkelmann, in the meantime at Audi Sport and Bugatti in the service, announces with satisfaction that Lamborghini also looks into an electrical future : “The Lamborghini electrification strategy represents a change of course that is conditional due to a radically changed context. Our answer is an integrated approach that includes everything from the products to the Sant’Agata Bolognese location and leads us to a more sustainable future that remains true to our DNA."

For the first time with plug from 2023

But the future Lamborghini models should not only be charged technically but also emotionally with the loved electricity flow. The engine output, like the design, should be one of the core factors of the brand. "Lamborghini has always stood for the highest technological know-how in the production of engines with outstanding performance: This will continue to be a top priority in innovation development in the future," Winkelmann follows according to.

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Lamborghini builds an electric sports car-sports

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However, the first model with plug only comes in 2023. If you look at the portfolio, this can only be the gorgeous selling power SUV Urus. A year later, however, the small and fine model range should be electrified by the end of 2024. From 2025, CO2 emissions are to be reduced by 50 percent.

A fourth in the group

In addition to the plug-in hybrid versions for the existing Aventador, Urus and Huracan models, a new vehicle is to follow as a fourth child under the Lamborghini Viget from 2025. This fourth Lamborghini model is driven purely electrically. According to Stephan Winkelmann, the body form is not yet decided. For example, an electrical 2+2-seater appears conceivable based on the model of the former Lamborghini Espada. This time, however, not with V12 power and endlessly long bonnet, but with electropower of up to 1000 hp or more. Last but not least, the brand from Santa Agata stands for best brands in terms of performance and driving dynamics and here the requirements for the fully electric first work are likely to be larger than ever. The central modules of the electric drive come from Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm from the Audi shelf. This should also be guaranteed by the technology transfer of the other sporty group sister Porsche.

Lamborghini builds an electric sports car-lamborghini
pressed form 4th Model – The first fully electric Lamborghini

"Cor Tauri" Will be the new E-Lambo

Since a good idea has to be sold accordingly, Lamborghini gives his new plans a background name in an electrical future: the Direzione Cor Tauri. COR TAURI is the brightest star in the rod image of the bull and therefore symbolizes the electrification strategy of Lamborghini. So one wants to transform the brand of the brand into opportunities through challenges; Made possible by technological innovations, an increase in performance and driving experience, while the increasingly strict CO2 standards are fulfilled. For this, Lamborghini will invest over 1.5 billion euros in the next four years; The biggest investment in the history of the brand.

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Lamborghini builds an electric sports car-lamborghini

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