Lamborghini CEO on electrification of the supercar maker

Lamborghini CEO on electrification of the supercar maker-maker

Lamborghini has always stood for a high level of technological know-how in the production of engines with outstanding performance, but in the future we will not only stick to combustion engines. Lamborghini Chairman and CEO Stephan Winkelmann spoke to Yahoo Finance about the outlook for next year and the upcoming electrification efforts.

Lamborghini wants to offer its first hybrid vehicle in 2023; by the end of 2024, the entire model range should be electrified. Performance and the typical Lamborghini driving experience should remain the focus for the manufacturer’s engineers and technicians when developing new technologies. Winkelmann explains that Lamborghini is planning to offer a total of four electric models. Two supercars and two more versatile vehicles. After 2030, the aim is to bring more everyday vehicles onto the road. These are to be offered as fully electric vehicles. But Lamborghini also makes it clear that the degree of electrification is based on the specifications of the legislator.

It is also hoped that synthetic fuel – which is CO2-neutral – can be used so that their own super sports cars can still be put on the road as combustion engines. “So this is an opportunity we want to keep open. We don’t have to choose now because this isn’t the moment where that kind of fuel is there. And we don’t know whether it will be developed at a level that will also be good for us,” says Winkelmann about the current supply situation for e-fuels.

With a planned fourth all-electric model, the second half of the decade should be all about electric drives. This technological innovation is also aimed at ensuring excellent performance and positioning the new product at the top of its segment. To achieve this, Lamborghini is pushing its schedule further into the future. A purely electric Lamborghini is not expected until 2027 or 2028.

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  1. It’s not the case that islands, coasts, mountain regions or health resorts necessarily need air pollutants. Guests were courted and guests usually came in their own combustion engine cars. But there are now enough guests and in a few years there will also be enough guests with electric cars. That will be the time when courts will decide the classic weighing of individual mobility by car versus environmental protection to the detriment of combustion engines. Because if it is a fact of life that you can also exercise your individual mobility locally without emissions, you will ban combustion engines. An eFuel is also a fuel. It burns and produces exhaust fumes and noise.

    The same applies to big cities. They’re becoming increasingly hostile to combustors. Berlin wants to lock them out from 2030. That will only be the time when the self-promoters in these nonsense boxes suddenly realize that things can’t go on like this. Because nobody buys a Lamborghini to drive through lonely villages in Brandenburg. So these vehicles will also have to become battery-electric. And I think that will happen much sooner than you think.


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