Lamborghini: From 2023 only electrified vehicles

Lamborghini: From 2023 only electrified vehicles-lamborghini

The sports car brand Lamborghini has announced that the current year will be the last for purely internal combustion engine vehicles. From the coming year, wants to go to the VW Group or. brand belonging to Audi will only introduce vehicles with electric motors – starting with hybrids and plug-in hybrids. CEO Stephan Winkelmann also said the legendary automaker’s first all-electric vehicle will likely be a four-door for “everyday use.”.

Already last year it was said that Lamborghini will launch an all-electric vehicle in the second half of the decade. Winkelmann only specified this schedule. Accordingly, the still unknown fully electric model should go on sale around 2028. However, electrification will start earlier, with the Aventador Hybrid in 2023. The Urus Plug-in Hybrid is scheduled for release in 2024 and the Huracán Hybrid in 2025.

Just a few days ago, Lamborghini carried out an organizational change in the research and development department for the drive turnaround. According to a recent announcement, Rouven Mohr will be the new Chief Technical Officer of Lamborghini and will step down from his role as Head of Verification/Validation for the Whole Vehicle at Audi. “We enthusiastically welcome Rouven Mohr back to the Lamborghini family. His assumption of office comes in the decisive phase of far-reaching corporate transformation in view of the forthcoming electrification of the entire product range,” says CEO Winkelmann on the personnel.

Rouven Mohr was born in Saarbrucken in 1979. After studying engineering at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern and completing his doctorate in numerical mechanics, he joined the technical management of Audi in 2008 as a test engineer for chassis durability. There he took on more and more responsibility until he was appointed Head of Total Vehicle Project Management for the Audi models A3, TT, Q7 and Q8 in 2014.

In 2017 he switched to Lamborghini, where he spent two years as head of overall vehicle development overseeing the development of the Aventador, Huracán and Urus before returning to Audi as head of energy and weight management. 2020 finally followed its appointment to the head for verification / validation total vehicle; An experience he now completed with his return to Lamborghini as Chief Technical Officer.

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5 thoughts on “Lamborghini: From 2023 only electrified vehicles”

  1. The current customers who buy a Lambo is not interested in whether a Phev offers such a little electric range. Either full-electrical or pure-burner.
    It’s all about avoiding a bit of CO2 punishments for the Group.
    For how stupid they actually hold the buyers?

  2. “Probably a four-door for daily use”. Umm..For decades, a name with visually eye-catching super sports cars makes themselves a name for decades and then at the end a maybe averaged Audi delight the clientele? What’s next..Ferrari with a trailer hitch, a Koenigsegg as a station wagon?

  3. Is it a clickbait headline, a typo, transposed digits, or something of all??!
    This headline was shown to me. The article was published two days ago and has not been corrected until now. A clickbait article after all?: “Lamborghini wants from 2023 ‘(!!)’ only offer electrified vehicles”


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