Lancia Delta will celebrate its comeback as an electric car in 2026

Lancia Delta will celebrate its comeback as an electric car in 2026-2026

Lancia should become “The Most Elegant Way to Protect the Planet” if Stellantis’ strategy presented in 2021 is to be believed. The electrification is not a “One Size Fits All” Unit Shape at Stellantis, instead, each brand is individually aligned. With Lancia, this means that from 2023 the electrification starts. From 2026 comes with the Lancia Delta a real classic back on the street.

In 2014, the Lancia Delta expired, but should now be revived. “He gets electric and exciting,” says Lancia boss Luca Napolitano to an Italian daily newspaper. Even before, in 2024, a new Ypsilon should come. This is considered “women’s preferred car”, which plays in a league with the Opel Corsa-E, Peugeot E-208 and Fiat Punto. The two former models are already purely electrically on the way, the Fiat Punto should also be electrified. And even at Lancia Ypsilon this would be conceivable.

Four e-car-centric platforms are to form the backbone of the electrified vehicles of the Stellantis brands. The platforms were designed with a high degree of flexibility (length and width) and shared components. Like the Opel Astra-e, which will start in 2023, and the DS 4, which will debut in 2024, the electric Delta, which will start in 2026, is likely to be based on the STLA Medium platform. This is used for electric vehicles with a range of 700 km. Also be comparable to the eVMP platform developed by PSA.

It will be interesting to see which models Lancia will actually start electrification with. Lancia should start electrifying by 2023 at the latest. From 2024 they only want to offer electrified cars, from 2026 the brand will only introduce electric cars.

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4 thoughts on “Lancia Delta will celebrate its comeback as an electric car in 2026”

  1. “One never steps into the same river” (Heraclitus)
    The classics should remain classics;
    eMobility (in my opinion) does not require nostalgia, the cards are being reshuffled here, which the dinosaurs still haven’t understood…

  2. Lancia could become the e-brand of the Fiat group, but they are Italians and you never really know. With the southern countries, the exhaust has to make a good brm…… because they love it.


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