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In addition to the ID card, the driver’s license is an important personal ID document that should always be carried with you. Now a lawyer advises to leave the driver’s license better at home, otherwise he can be gone quickly, even if you have not violated the rules.

Overtime, after working for sport, slept badly or a lot of stress a day – there are many reasons why drivers can look tired. But that does not mean that they don’t go away. However, they could get into a police check that is looking for alcohol or drugs, especially in the evenings. They could miss their condition. The lawyer Christian Klages is now not advising his driver’s license with Tikkok. Because according to the Klages, the police may confiscate this in a control with a low suspicion of alcohol or drug use at the wheel and arrange a blood test in the laboratory.Also dark circles or generally tired or chopped appearance may be sufficient for such a short -term withdrawal, according to him. After such a spontaneous confiscation of the driver’s license, it can take up to three months in the worst case for the results of the blood test initiated and prove the innocence. During this time, you are still not allowed to carry a motor vehicle. Therefore, Klages advises to simply leave the driver’s license at home and prefer to pay the 10 euros in order due to the risk of losing the driver’s license using flimsy suspected cases for a long time.

Driving license must not be searched for by the police in the apartment

Even in the event that the police want to search for the driver’s license that has not been carried out in the suspect’s apartment, the lawyer has some advice: the police or law enforcement officers are only authorized to search personal premises with a written command. A simple suspicion of alcohol or drugs is usually not sufficient for a vehicle control.

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