LeasePlan secures 3.000 Electric transporter from Arrival

LeasePlan secures 3.000 Electric transporter from Arrival-electric

LeasePlan, a specialist for car alasing and fleet management, has teamed up with Arrival to take their electric transporters in their own fleet. The partnership is based on a first order of 3.000 Transporters, whereby the sales contract is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2021.

The specialist for autoleasing and fleet management is not only the largest car-as-a-service company in the world, but has also shown a long-term commitment to reduce the CO2 footprint as a founding member of the EV100. For ARRIVAL a strong plus to start in a shared business relationship. Together, the two companies would like to accelerate the transition to emission-free vehicles and bring sustainable mobility and clean air into the cities of the world. Avinash Rugoobur, President of Arrival, gives you to understand: “With this new partnership, Arrival will be able to deepen and expand our presence worldwide by working with lease plan to offer customers the best possible products and in turn to help achieve their own sustainability goals.”

“Together we will revolutionize the fast-growing ELCV market and make emission-free deliveries to the part of the new normality,” says Tex Gunning, CEO of Leaseplan, for joint cooperation. How to understand ARRIVAL is planning the mass introduction of electric vehicles in the global scale. This should be done by making affordable commercial vehicles with significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

The company benefits from pursuing a vertically integrated approach. Talks, ARRIVAL uses itself developed hardware and software and combines it with mounting in microfabrikes. The microfactories have a low investment effort, requires less space than conventional factories, have the ability to produce a significant number of pieces and can be built anywhere in the world.

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