Leaving certificates: Millions of rags are invalid today due to EU rule – car

Your time is running out: older driver’s licenses lose their validity in Germany. The reason is an EU directive. 43 million Germans are affected. The first six vintages only have time today.

In order to be able to cope with this huge number, the exchange deadlines were staggered over a different years. In the case of driving license, which up to and including 31. December 1998, the owner’s year of birth is crucial. Attention: The first are due in a week.

Millions of driving licenses soon invalidated due to the EU rule: who will have to be exchanged now

Until 19.01.In 2022, driver’s license holders had to exchange their old “rag” into a counterfeiting plastic card with a expiration date with the birth year 1953 – 1958.An additional year the birth years 1959 – 1964 have time. You have to go up to 19.01.Become active in 2023.The years 1965 – 1970 to 19.01.2024.From 1971 born until 19.01.2025 time.Firer certificates that were issued from 1999 must be exchanged at the earliest in 2026.

News "Rag" Cost 30 euros – otherwise threatens fine

The exhibition of the new "Rag" costs around 30 euros, the existing driver’s license classes retain their temporary validity. If you don’t exchanged your driver’s license, you risk a warning money of 10 euros during a check.Surf tips:

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Also in the video: Questionnaire for unemployed Austrians ensures outrage – behind it is German company behind it

Leaving certificates: Millions of rags are invalid today due to EU rule - car-today

glomex Also in the video: Questionnaire for unemployed Austrians ensures outrage – behind it is German company behind it

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12 thoughts on “Leaving certificates: Millions of rags are invalid today due to EU rule – car”

  1. Exchange of the driver’s licenses
    Typical d. The driver’s licenses will somehow.B the admission authority or the … Federal Motor Transport Authority have been registered and the digital. So you could have an app, similar to the detection of a vaccination as we already have it, also have an app for the detection of a driver’s license from our citizens and mind you for free! If our police are not sufficient to prove the old driving license and whether here or abroad smartphones pull out the app and are good. But no you can’t earn that. I would not be surprised if, after millions of exchanges, digital proof of the driver’s license is possible or even absolutely necessary. This German …House is good for absolutely everything.

  2. Panic
    What is this panicism? The offices are already overloaded with inquiries from unsettled people. Appointments are only available in a few weeks or months. It takes because documents from other road traffic offices have to be requested – and these old documents are buried in the archives!

  3. Deadline..
    …was extended, fine is manageable at 10 euros….plus…Driving license points do not seem to be prepared for the rush…speaking….either corona conditions or sick or completely too…..Germany stop. In Italy, nobody would take care of it….

  4. Strange old here …
    I am also affected and got an appointment over 2 months ago. Unfortunately, the employees of our driver’s license office chill in Corona sleep and are only used to a limited extent, so that still takes place. But the behavior of my peers is already surprised, I didn’t think that sixty -year -olds are already living their sense of age so stubbornly. I think that the gray rag has been used so slowly and should come something new that is not quite as anger -friendly.

  5. Archives…
    The archives are large and the documents must be available from the office that issued the driver’s license. Some offices not only work many of their own cases, but also those of other offices. It may take before they searched their archives and then have confirmed the documents.

  6. The rip -off cheese
    Many do not take part. In the digital age, a new rag is thrown away. Every driver’s license is registered and applies for a lifetime. If you miss it in the digital age to create a timely organization, you cannot help. Walt the effort and costs onto the driver’s license owner is a massive disaster. There is disobedience.

  7. @Jens Langer
    They spread strange stories. The driver’s license does not lose its validity and the driver’s license does not have to be acquired again. It’s all about the document.

  8. Exchange driver’s license?
    Why should a German driver’s license owner who on German roads are exchanging his German driver’s license (?) just because politicians in the EU want to do so in their countries? You should also pay this nonsense and the German exuberant bureaucracy does not get going. Look

  9. To the editorial team from Site:
    If you don’t feel like working, then you should let it stay. why? Because Coronabed the exchange deadlines B.A.W. were extended by half a year, and the exchange fee was not around € 30 but around € 25.

  10. Exchange campaign until 2033
    There is an exchange campaign, but until 2033 (without age graduation) all existing rags must be exchanged into an EU-wide driver’s license (in Germany itself, the right to use the original, the old driver’s license will certainly remain valid), only then can it possibly be give a fine. It is clear that you are currently abroad with the former "gray rag" Has problems. You also need the EU driver’s license to receive an international driver’s license.

  11. "EU guidelines"
    There is not much need to take the German rights that you have had since the beginning of the Federal Republic. A tiny EU directive is enough.

  12. and the
    EU-Politician bureaucrats should give us the funds that we have to pay for the new driver’s licenses, because money vemOgen have more than enough the poliker officials in Brussels. Because they get the money from us.


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