Left-wing extremists want to block auto fair: threatens chaos again on the IAA?

IAA 2021 in Munich

Left-wing extremists want to block auto fair: threatens chaos again on the IAA?

Left-wing extremists want to block auto fair: threatens chaos again on the IAA?-extremists
dpa/Boris Roessler "Sand in the transmission" blocks the main entrance of the IAA 2019 (archive picture). Also in 2021 there are disruptive actions at the trade fair, which could bring a health risk during Corona

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

The IAA 2021 in Munich will take place in the fresh air due to Corona and rather a mobility- because a classic car show. But numerous protest clubs still want to block the event. There is a lot to come to the city of Munich.

The IAA 2019 went into history as a hot car autumn: various eco-clubs demonstrated against drivers. But with pure protest, it didn’t remain everywhere: left -wing extremist groups like "sand in the gears" disturbed the fair with massive blockade actions. In the run-up to the fair, there were arson attacks on car dealerships that were assigned radical IAA opponents. As a result of the chaos fair, the IAA withdrew from Frankfurt and was looking for a new home. She has now found it in Munich. However, according to information from Site, demonstrations and considerable disorders can also be expected there.

From the bike demo to the blockade campaign

The itself as "Citizens’ movement" The IAA wants to use the Campact as a political stage – and builds on a benevolent reporting of the media. In an email to Campact supporter, it says: "On Saturday, the 11. September is a lot going on in Munich – a number of journalists travel to the IAA. Here we can let the green show of the auto industry open with thousands of people. When we are traveling together, newspapers, television and radio report not only about the supposedly green flagship vehicles. Pictures and voices of protest are played in all media – and the climate crisis is the big topic shortly before the election." In addition, a large bicycle demo is to take place, which is organized by the bicycle lobby association ADFC and the BUND environmental association.

Left-wing extremists want to block auto fair: threatens chaos again on the IAA?-want
Microlino AG/DPA-TMN The electrical microlino is a compact city car for two people.

The transition from peaceful protest to illegal blockade campaigns is aware of the environmental associations. The praise is mentioned by "Campact" namely the action too "sand in the gears", In their framework, left -wing extremists had disturbed the IAA. "We put an end to thicker cars and false promises of electromobility! We defend our fundamental right to climate protection! In Munich we ring the end of the car age with civil disobedience and call for the socially just conversion of the corporations and production chains", So the group "sand in the gears" in the web. One demands "Climatic activity" and one "basic system change" and I’ll go with "civil disobedience" that "Ruting the end of the car age".

Audi’s luxury class is now being presented in Shanghai

Left-wing extremists want to block auto fair: threatens chaos again on the IAA?-want

Site Audi’s luxury class is now being presented in Shanghai

Authorities are planning a working group

How cold the city of Munich was caught is already shown by the fact that a press request from Site to the city was first forwarded to the IAA management itself, then to the Munich police and from there to the district administration department. Apparently nobody feels really responsible. The district administrative council says: "In general, a coordination group is convened in the event of disorders that can endanger the course of an event. This then decides on the necessary measures. When it comes to defending an immediate danger to life and life, the police and fire brigade intervene immediately and proceed according to their respective operations. ((…) For infection protection As part of the event itself, the organizer, together with the security concept, also created a hygiene concept that is also in vote. The hygiene concept must be checked and released by the health department of the state capital of Munich", KVR spokesman Johannes Mayer so at the request of site.

"Completely irresponsible": Lanz guests condemn Greenpeace campaign

Left-wing extremists want to block auto fair: threatens chaos again on the IAA?-want

Spot on News "Completely irresponsible": Lanz guests condemn Greenpeace campaign

Infection risk through blockade actions?

In fact, actions in which inputs and outputs are blocked and crowds of people could be provoked, an increase in the risk of infection. The city’s answer is almost naive, it would be "No assembly advertisements during the IAA Mobility 2021, which the ‘sand in the gearbox organization!’Assign." After all, it is precisely the strategy of left -wing extremists not to announce actions in advance.

The city of Munich has already allowed a dangerous action by environmental activists: Several people were injured at the European Football SEM in the Allianz Arena when a Greenpeace demonstrator flew into the stadium with a paraglider and spectators on the head during a almost crash met. The security forces had not prevented the flight.

Automobile clubs demand safe trade fair

The IAA, which is an important source of income for the City of Munich and numerous industries from the catering trade to the Corona Lockdowns, is only due to a sophisticated trade fair concept. With intelligent steering of visitor flows, many decentralized events and outdoor events, the Corona risk is to be minimized, which will probably be bigger again in autumn than at the moment in summer.

Left-wing extremists want to block auto fair: threatens chaos again on the IAA?-want
The IAA is to make mobility change tangible this year photo: iaa New Mobility: The slightly different IAA – Munich makes you mobile

The auto industry is officially back with statements, but behind the scenes you hope that the enormous effort for the show will also be worthwhile and does not go down in the flash of flashes of the medially accompanied interference campaigns. Germany’s oldest car association Automobilclub from Germany (AVD) also calls for a safe trade fair 2021. AVD General Secretary Lutz Linden criticizes the left-wing extremist characteristics of some announced protest actions, which becomes clear through terms such as "auto-capitalism" or "capitalist sustainability lies". "Potential participants in the planned disruptive actions are urgently called to be aware of whom they are involved in advance by their participation", so linden.

"Ego trips of self-proclaimed climate rescuers"

Michael Haberland, President of the Automobile Club, becomes even clearer "Mobile in Germany": "The IAA cannot afford another riot fair. Especially after a greenpeace campaign was seriously injured in the football European Championship, every visitor and exhibitor of the fair can expect the IAA not to be endangered by ego trips of self-proclaimed climate rescuers. Thousands of the fair employs a leg so that the show becomes an exciting and safe experience. What do these environmental clubs, some of which are also financed by the taxpayer, actually allow themselves?", so Haberland opposite site.Incidentally. In the middle of the city, around Marienplatz, the VDA industry association and the Munich trade fair as an organizer are planning a mobility festival- with as much citizen participation, discussions and occasions to try out a self-driving electrical or hydrogen car in the city. Bicycle manufacturers are on this “IAA Mobility” from 7. Up to 12. September also represented, invited environmentalists to the forums. This opens the fair much stronger to its critics than they claim in advertising for their actions. With its new concept, however, the IAA also runs the risk of splitting the part of the audience, which would like to have a classic trade fair and above all one: see new cars, sit in and also admire spectacular show cars.

Unplattable: the end of the tire as we know it

Left-wing extremists want to block auto fair: threatens chaos again on the IAA?-fair

Site/Wochit Unplattable: the end of the tire as we know it

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