Less than 11.000 euros: The Elektro-Dacia is so good at the Aldi price-tests

10.The Dacia Spring costs 920 euros after deducting all funding. The Romanian Renault branch opens a completely new price segment for electromobility. But he is also good for something? Site shows how much electric car is possible at a cheap price.

Dacia has recently developed splendidly. Models such as the new Sandero or the Duster show that the French Billigheimers have long been more than just that. The Sandero even attacks the significantly more expensive group brother Renault Clio and the Duster themselves are pondering interested people who are otherwise looking for a suitable car one or two classes higher.

The price is unchanged by the Dacia models – but no longer the only one who speaks for a purchase. It looks very different with the new Dacia Spring. It attracts primarily with one: the almost unbeatable price of 20.490 euros. With the impressive and state purchase bonus, the basic price is reduced to just 10.920 euros. Even the already cheap Renault Twingo Electric has to stretch his weapons.

Less than 11.000 euros: The Elektro-Dacia is so good at the Aldi price-tests-price-tests
Dacia Less than 11.000 euros: The Elektro-Dacia is so good at the Aldi price

Drive & reach

But this Dacia Spring also does not score exclusively with its bargain price. The design is always worth seeing for its class. With its length of 3.73 meters, it is compact and not only small and spreads real SUV charms – this should always be received by some customers. The fact that you cannot expect miracles for the price do not only show the drive. 33 kW / 44 hp are not really much, but it is enough to make a detour to the country road or highway with the Dacia Spring. Admittedly: from the 100 km / h on the highway with strong side winds and gear grooves, it becomes somewhat uncomfortable, but those responsible for the Dacia also make no secret of the fact that the jumping is a city car.

And this is exactly where the nimble crawl does not even do bad. At 125 Nm from 500 rpm from 500 rpm, the start is not enough to become a traffic obstacle and if you have to drive a little faster on the city highway, this is always feasible.

Then, however, the prospect of the inner city area is reduced from 305 to still justifiable 230 kilometers before it goes back to the next charging station. The battery capacity is manageable at 27.4 kWh, but more is not needed in reality. If you want to reload, you can do this with 6.6 kilowatts of AC or a significantly more practical 30 kilowatt via optional direct current speed loader.

As with some models, the plug is in the central area of the supposed radiator grille and so it can be conveniently approached to most charging stations and annoying rotary and parking maneuvers are eliminated to make the charging plug on one side. From 0 to 80 percent, the electrical jump with the CCS fast charging connection available for 600 euros should load in less than an hour – at least.

Price makes compromises

Unfortunately, the Dacia Spring is not only cheap, but also cheap. You can feel that quickly when you open the French doors and hoods. The metal is hardly clad and the plastics used do not convey the touch of value. This also applies to the interior with restrictions. The artificial leather seats of the nobler Comfort Plus model offer too little thigh support, no side stop and cannot be adjusted in height. The steering wheel is anything but pleasant and so you have to briefly think about whether the synthetic leather cover is more disturbing than the indiscutable response of the steering itself. But again on the bottom of the facts you shouldn’t fool yourself. You are on the road in the cheap league and where is there a full -fledged electric car, which the customer is only around 10 the bottom line.000 euros costs? Therefore, a lot can be forgiven and the seat covers slide into the background as well as detailed weaknesses or the scarce space in series two.

Less than 11.000 euros: The Elektro-Dacia is so good at the Aldi price-tests-less
Dacia Less than 11.000 euros: The Elektro-Dacia is so good at the Aldi price

However, this does not apply to the strange operation. Because if you get in and unusually put the key into the ignition lock, you look at the barren console with astonishment. There is a loveless rotary switch with the driving levels D, R and N. A parking position is completely missing and if you don’t want to roll away in the neutral position, you have to put on the handbrake vigorously.

This takes some getting used to and it may hardly be obvious why Park level P has been left out here. But otherwise Dacia product managers have done a lot right. The space is enough for two people and if necessary. Two children in the back seat. With a payload of hardly more than 260 kilograms, there is no longer possible. The top model has electrical mirrors, airbags, ESP, electric window lifts and a seven -inch display on which not only the navigation can be operated, but also the reversing camera reflects its image. The infotainment system looks somewhat antiquated, but works better right away than with far more expensive competitors.

On the market from autumn

For a compact electric car, the developers managed to keep the weight in the frame despite the 186 -kilogram battery package. The Dacia Spring brings just 1.045 kilograms on the scales. The fact that the front-wheel drive drives with the 165/70s tires a bit high and uncommon, too, you can see it benevolently. The driver would like to want a little more recuperation performance, because it is much less to be felt than in other models. The maximum range is only available in the eComodus, which takes a lot of its manageable dynamics to the Dacia in driving operation.

Less than 11.000 euros: The Elektro-Dacia is so good at the Aldi price-tests-elektro-dacia
Dacia Less than 11.000 euros: The Elektro-Dacia is so good at the Aldi price

The Dacia Spring is again a real Dacia – cheap and practical, but anything but a blender. If you have higher demands, you should switch to electric models such as the Renault Twingo or even a zoe. But a solid electric car for around 10.000 euros – this will be available with the Dacia logo from autumn. And once again the Billigheimers are likely to mix the European market vigorously. Delivery services and courier drivers for the city have a new vehicle, because in leasing the Dacia Spring will probably be an even bigger snapper.

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