Lexus RZ: Electric crossover RZ with “incredible” driving dynamics

Lexus RZ: Electric crossover RZ with

Lexus announces the electric crossover RZ. This is the first all-electric Lexus vehicle to be built on Toyota’s e-TNGA platform. As Toyota’s luxury brand indicates, the RZ will come with all-wheel drive to “offer an immersive and rewarding on-road driving experience and set a new benchmark in this segment.”.

One of the few technical details Lexus revealed about the RZ was the vehicle’s all-wheel drive system, dubbed Direct4″. The system controls the electric motor on each axle to switch between front, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive “in the blink of an eye,” according to Lexus Europe CEO Spiros Fotinos. He also states that the RZ system offers “incredible cornering and road holding”. Like the Toyota bZ4X, the Lexus RZ will also use the steer-by-wire system. This steering system allows gear ratios to be switched to provide responsive steering at high speed and less twisting during slow manoeuvres.

Lexus RZ: Electric crossover RZ with Lexus

The different shape of the steering wheel gives the driver a better view of the instruments. “This allows us to take our Tazuna cockpit philosophy even further, grouping all commands within the driver’s line of sight to increase safety and comfort,” Fotinos said at a media event in Brussels on Tuesday. Compared to other SUVs, the RZ is lower but retains the shape and design of an SUV. Visually, the Lexus RZ has a light strip running across the entire width of the vehicle below a spoiler located at the base of the rear window.

Fotinos gave no details on the RZ’s battery size or range, but the car could use the same 71.4kWh lithium-ion pack as the bZ4X, allowing for a 500km WLTP range. However, it is already certain that the Lexus RZ 2022 will be launched in Europe and Japan. US sales will come later, but Lexus officials haven’t given a timeline.

Lexus RZ: Electric crossover RZ with Lexus

Lexus currently only sells one all-electric car — the UX 300, a battery-powered version of the UX compact SUV that launched last year. Its range of electric cars also includes a plug-in hybrid version of the mid-size SUV NX. The RZ will be more of a “complement” than a replacement for other Lexus models, according to a spokesman for the brand.

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