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The Chinese battery manufacturer Gothion High-Tech has announced that a large US car maker has given up an order for around 200 gigawatt hours of LFP batteries-enough to stock up more than 3 million electric cars with it. Now there is a puzzle rates who is behind the order. In the video you can see the Tesla Model 3 with LFP battery in the winter test at Site.

The lithium-iron phosphate batteries (LFP) stocked with a cheaper cell chemistry are slowly being appealed to the big car manufacturers away from Tesla and BYD. Now the Chinese battery producer Gothion High-Tech has announced the receipt of a huge order of the energy sources about a message for the Chinese Stock Exchange Shenzhen.

The delivery agreement between the gothic and a not mentioned by name, "Large, listed car manufacturers in the USA" extends over the years 2023 to 2028 and comprises a total volume of at least 200 gigawatt hours (GWH). With an assumed, non -unusual battery capacity of 60 kilowatt hours per vehicle, this would be sufficient to build around 3.3 million electric cars.

Gothion will produce the LFP battery in China and then export to the customer. The partners also plan to create capacities for the production and delivery of LFP batteries in the USA. The foundation of a joint venture is also possible.

Great guessing rates about the client

So far it is unknown who is the car manufacturer who is behind the order. Gothion only reveals so much in his message: So far there is no relationship between the counterparty and the gothion, and the counterparty has one "good credit rating" demonstrate. Volkswagen is likely to fall out as a possible client: The Chinese mainstay of the Wolfsburg car manufacturer is the largest shareholder of Gothion High-Tech.

The ELECTRIVE industry portal speculates that it can be electric car makers Tesla, but there are no reasons. If this is true, Gothion would be the third manufacturer, from which Tesla is drawing the LFP battery, with which the car manufacturer now equips most of its basic models.

On Twitter, the assumptions go into many different directions, but it is interesting to do a tweet of the industry expert Lei Xing. Xing is a Chinese automotive journalist and writes: "I wonder who it could be except Tesla". In another tweet, however, Xing writes: "According to my sources, it could also be GM".

Tesla, General Motors – or another one?

In any case, the order volume and cotionary reference to the good credit rating would match the electro ambitions of General Motors. Nevertheless, GM is not the only manufacturer in addition to Tesla: Ford and Stellantis, the parent company, which include Chrysler, Opel, Jeep and Dodge, could also be considered as clients.

In principle, electric car maker and Amazon partner Rivian could also be meant, not least because the Amazon trade giant gave up a considerable order from Rivian. However, despite a brilliant start of the stock market, Rivian can hardly get from the following, strong course correction "good creditworthiness" be talking about.

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