Light electric motorcycle with hole: MetAcycle comes later and costs more-e-bikes

Now the date for the market start of the cheap metacycle of Sondors. However, it comes later and becomes more expensive than promised by the manufacturer.

The MetAcycle should offer a decisive advantage over similar e-motorcycles already available on the market-the price. In the United States, the electric motorcycle should be delivered from October 2021 and only around 5.$,000 cost, according to the promise of the manufacturer, which is otherwise specialized in e-bikes. However, it is now clear that the series production of the electric motorcycle only starts in February 2022 and the first 2.000 pieces should be finished by April next year. The founder of the company, Storm Sondors, announced on this year’s La Auto Show.

The price has also changed in the meantime. After the pre-order phase, which is still running, the MetAcycle 1 should.500 euros more expensive, it is said. Anyone who now pre-ordered the electric motorcycle will continue to pay 5.$ $.

Light electric motorcycle with hole: MetAcycle comes later and costs more-e-bikes-electric
Sondors Light electric motorcycle with hole: Metacycle comes later and costs more

Sondors also tinkers on a Mini Stromer

The MetAcycle is quick and not particularly difficult for a machine in this segment. This is also because the 4.000 Wh battery is quite light. He drives the permanent magnetic engine on the rear wheel hub, the performance of which is on average at 8 kW and at the top of 14.5 kW. There is also a torque of 108 or. 270 Nm. The range is specified at up to 130 kilometers and the maximum maximum speed is 120 km/h. The removable battery can be completely charged within four hours.

The manufacturer is currently also working on a small electric car. The three-wheel vehicle called Sondors EV should come with three selectable battery sizes for 120, 240 or 320 kilometers and create the sprint from zero to a hundred, depending on the type, in 5 to 8 seconds. Here, too, Sondors wants to go to customer catch with a low price. The basic version should be converted under 10.000 euros cost.

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