Lightyear 2 is rumored to be an affordable $30 solar car.000 euros come

Lightyear 2 is rumored to be an affordable $30 solar car.000 euros come-lightyear

The Dutch solar car startup Lightyear already announced in 2020 that they wanted to mass-produce affordable solar cars. The company is concretizing these plans with further published data and information. The Lightyear Two is scheduled to go into production in 2024/2025 and then go on sale from April 30th.000 euros to get on the road.

In previous reports there was talk of a series start in 2023. At that time still at a starting price of 50.000 euros. Our readers may know Lightyear from our coverage of the Lightyear One, a five-meter-long solar sedan priced at 149.000 euros, which is planned from 2021 in an exclusive series limited to 946 pieces. In comparison to this, the 50th would also be 50.000 euro variant was comparatively cheap. With the 30th.000 Euro Stromer, however, interest in the market should increase significantly again.

The plans for Lightyear Two have been postponed to 2024/2025 due to the consequences of the corona and semiconductor shortage crisis. According to reports, Lightyear wants to outsource the production. It is not yet known where it will go, nor are details of the size, drive system or body shape of the new vehicle. However, Lightyear speaks of models in the plural. So it could well be that the Dutch are planning several different variants. Partly based on the technology of the Lightyear One.

It is already clear today that the Two should use an even smaller battery than the One. Which has a positive effect on the price. Not so on the range. But here the company knows how to help itself with the built-in solar panels, which enable the Two to be charged up to five times less than a typical electric car. Although so many details are still unclear, Lightyear has already won a major customer for the Two: The leasing company LeasePlan is turning 5.000 vehicles, as announced by Lightyear.

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  1. From the article:

    “…Solar panels […] allow the Two to charge up to five times less…”

    This type of calculation sounds familiar to me 🙂

    Wolfbrecht Gosebert-rumored

    More important to me than the vague announcement of a quantity model for 2024/25 would be that the first Lightyear One (from the small series) finally come into the hands of customers and can thus prove their solar capabilities in practice!


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