Lightyear ONE selects Valmet Automotive as a production partner

Lightyear ONE selects Valmet Automotive as a production partner-lightyear

One year time has taken the start-up Lightyear to select a production partner for the Lightyear ONE. The choice fell on Valmet Automotive, which are based in Uusikaupunki, Finland. The automobile manufacturer looks back on over 50 years of experience and around 1.7 million cars built. In addition to cooperation with established brands, Valmet Automotive also has experience in cooperation with start-ups and has been working in the production of electric cars for more than 10 years.

The assembly manufacturer endeavors a transition to the E-car to make the internal combustion engine as efficient as possible. In doing so, you want to ensure flexibility at the same time to advance developments on the EV market. In line with this strategy, the company has significantly invested in recent years in the development of engineering and test capacity for the powertrain of electric vehicles.

“Our focus on electromobility and battery systems predestine us for processes in which mobility needs to be redefined. We are pleased that Lightyear has selected us as a production partner, “says Olaf Bongwald, CEO of Valmet Automotive. For Lightyear, the announcement of this partnership is followed by only a few weeks on the announcement that the latest validation prototypes have covered on the 710 kilometers with a single charge of a 60 kWh battery.

“We are looking forward to taking this trip with Valmet Automotive and working together to make the first cars can be delivered to our customers next year,” says Lightyear in his statement. Lightyear is currently preparing for the industrialization phase of the Lightyear ONE model, which will go into production in the summer of 2022 as exclusive center series. As a result of this partnership, the first prototypes of the Lightyear One model are built in January 2022 in Finland.

Thus, however, it comes to a shift in the production plan. At the end of 2021, the first car of the Dutch start-ups Lightyear should be delivered to one of the 125 customers, which so far against a prepayment of 150.000 Euro have reserved a Lightyear One. Now it seems to be 2022.

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3 thoughts on “Lightyear ONE selects Valmet Automotive as a production partner”

  1. Does anyone actually know how it continues with Sono Motors? One hears relatively little of those. Is there an appointment for the delivery of the first vehicles?

  2. It is not difficult to predict what is from this car and its builders.

    Actually, when founded in 2016, you could not assume in the price range as an alternative to designs with great battery plus fast charging capacity. Because both was known: Tesla had already introduced the 100 battery in 2016 and Porsche had presented the mission E with 800V technology and 15 minutes at 80% in 2015, and said, a series car is developed from it.

    Who should buy this car? A customer of this price range has a wallbox and a garage that is absurd to be absurdly the solar crime. On the way you want to drive quickly on longer routes and reload in the usual breaks. I have z.B. taryce. Who can do that. A car that does not limit to a burner in total, noble and top looks like. An EQS would probably be more suitable, I would only drive long-distance. A Lightyear would never be in question.

  3. I’ll stay with what Valmet has done so far: For Saab the first convertible without a roll bar built (900s), for Opel the Tigra and the Calibra.


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