Lightyear: Over 93 million. Euro for solar stromer collected

Lightyear: Over 93 million. Euro for solar stromer collected-lightyear

At the end of 2021, the first car of the Dutch start-ups Lightyear should be delivered, which so far against a prepayment of 150.000 Euro have reserved a Lightyear One. Now it seems to be 2022. This is possible, since you have found a suitable production partner with Valmet Automotive. But with a partner it does not stay. With Inalfa Roof Systems, another important partner is at the start. In addition, the company was able to record alone in 2021 investments of more than 93 million euros.

In the associated communication gives Lightyear to understand: “We have reached the financing milestone of $ 110 million with the help of one of the largest international insurers in the Netherlands, Cooperation Dela,. This investment is in line with its long-term focus on sustainability. Together we can work on our common mission, to enable clean mobility for all and everywhere.”Exciting is also the fact that the art collector Joop Van Caldenborgh has contributed to a private investment, as it is convinced of the development of solar car technology.

From Lightyear, you can enjoy the confidence of investors pleased. According to Lex Hoefsloot, CEO and co-founder of Lightyear, the investment bears that you “continue to grow as a company and bring our exclusive Lightyear One exclusive model in 2022”. Hoefsloot also refers to the fact that the round of financing is still open because you prepare for the mass production of a second solar electric vehicle. In 2024 this new production model should go into production.

Previously, however, we will see the Lightyear One on the street. The solar e-car Lightyear One has covered a lot of battery charge 710 kilometers. This marks the highest range, which has ever reached an electric car with a 60 kWh battery. The Lightyear One per 100 kilometers has converted only 8.45 kilowatt hours of electricity.

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1 thought on “Lightyear: Over 93 million. Euro for solar stromer collected”

  1. From the principle a cool car. Only I think the number of saving enthusiasts ready 150.000 € for such a vehicle will adhere to limit.

    Should we handle a paradigm shift in the minds, where sparingly the new “cool” is, the flaps can. But I have seen more in shocked faces when I told that I went to the holiday with Tempo 105 and only used the energy content of 3.5liters diesel for the whole route.

    There will probably be a few people who look after the vehicle and would say: “Boah a Lightyear One! That’s so incredibly economical!” Sad but true.



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