Lightyear tests latest prototype of solar electric car One

Lightyear tests latest prototype of solar electric car One-latest

After the Lightyear One solar-electric car drove more than 440 miles (710 kilometers) on a single battery charge in July, the next step in the series of tests was to verify the durability and robustness of the prototype. “We wanted to verify the Lightyear One’s structural integrity while driving on rough roads, collect data for our simulation models and use the results for further unit testing,” says Robby Janssen, one of the vehicle test engineers who put the latest prototype through a series of endurance tests across various undergrounds hunted.

The data was collected over 72 different sensors, which were attached next to the body on the wheels, as the start-up communicates. The acquisition of all this data is crucial because of the wheel hub motors of the Lightyear One. In addition, the data should be used to optimize the body and chassis design as well as the integration of the solar roof.

The hardware tests led the prototypes of the solar electric car over a good 20 different streets and substrates, of deep potholes, over bumps, floor waves and railway transitions to highways. “It was very exciting to drive over the various substrates, especially over the potholes,” says testting engineer Janssen. “These holes were so deep that the first reaction would be to make an emergency braking. But we did not stop. We drove through the potholes and just kept testing.”

At the end of the week of testing, Lightyear said the engineers were encouraged by the results. The data recorded is said to have shown that the vehicle’s structural strength, ride comfort and components are generally well designed and safe. There was also minor damage to the One, but this should lead to improvements in the next development phase.

The next steps for the Lightyear One are further homologation tests in order to be able to put the first vehicles on the road in summer 2022. In addition, more in-depth tests are to follow in order to further improve the behavior of the solar electric car at top speed, the aerodynamics and the tires.

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  1. My suggestion would be a collaboration between Sonomotors and Lightyear. There are certainly different customer groups in terms of financial resources, but they somehow have to share the same mechanisms that affect their purchasing decisions. I don’t know what that is. In any case, it is not rational.


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