Like Volkswagen the ID.3 wants to improve

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Like Volkswagen the ID.3 wants to improve-improve

Volkswagen has only a few days ago with the production of the series version of his ID.3 started, the deliveries should start in just half a year. The electric car is not even in everyday use on the roads on the road, since development Manager Frank Welsch already upgrades for new model variants.

In a conversation with the British Automagazin Autocar said Welsch, there is still “room for optimizations”. So it is eventually even in internal combustion engines whose CO2 emissions are always fetching due to optimizations by engineers. The id.3 Be “a big step” for VW, but far from the end of development efforts.

In three key areas Plant Welsch improvements. First with the reach. In his top version with the largest battery, the ID creates.3 already up to 550 kilometers. Not enough, so the VW developing manager who believes that people want even more reach. However, progress is not provided by larger batteries because this means “more weight and more costs. It’s about improving the battery density, “he said.

“People love powerful cars”

Welch is not satisfied with only the powertrain to switch to electro. “We have more space and the ID3 goes like a GTI,” says Welsch. But VW need “other unique selling points that you do not get in other cars.”VW therefore work on improved speech recognition and intelligent head-up displays with augmented reality. This is intended to primarily serve the safety of the occupants. “We do not want to make video games,” says Welsch.

Also to performance variants of the ID.3, according to the report, there is considerations. “People love powerful cars and like to give money for it,” said Welsch the Autocar. “We should also have that in the electric world”. VW showed about with the ID-R racing car, which powdered among other things at the mountain race in Pikes Peak and on the Nurburgring old record times, “how the performance of electromobility can be even better than the classic. We need four-wheel drive and a powerful E-engine.”

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5 thoughts on “Like Volkswagen the ID.3 wants to improve”

  1. It’s about options to spend more money for more performance.
    There will probably give vehicles with more power, higher top speed, four-wheel and better brakes.

  2. I find all-wheelly also interesting. The id.3 is about 45 cm shorter than a Model 3 of Tesla and should be at least similar at the same price. That will not be easy.
    When is the basic variant below 30000 €?

  3. Technologically, the ID.3 approx. 4 years behind the model 3. There is no trailer coupling either. Is somehow wanted for me but not skilfully.

  4. True, Tesla has brought out his first eauto 13 years ago and therefore has more experience and is technically already in practice traveling where VW & Co. still play with laboratory models. But, VW will be aligned. Not today and not tomorrow, but faster than many thinks. The Evertwerters are the same persons who once a month Tesla the downfall incl. broke&CO. certify. These are the same persons who loudest roar and emotility at their regulars table. Yes, these persons also look Mario B. and celebrate their own incompetence because they do not reflect any of what has been said and also noticed that most arguments are based on false, very outdated or partly even invented numbers and values.
    Yes, such persons also had the combustion car around 1900, as it will not be enforced … prefer to continue to use horses and carriages! &# 128521;

    PS: Kodak also had this setting, just like Grundig, Commodore, Atari, Source, Nokia, …. &# 128578; Everything big names that no longer knows 12 year old! And the internet will not prevail ..
    Well, then the O should.G. Overnight now go offline now! ;-)))))

    Who knows the VW Group more precisely, knows that VW rarely was one of the first. But if they had prescribed a technology, then they were, in the network with BMW and Mercedes always at the top!!! Us so it will come again.
    The id.3 he is beginning. From the gulf there is already the 8. Edition. Even with the Gulf, many people (see above …) have said that will never build on the success of the Beetle. Yes, you should never never say (that already knew James Bond ;-)! And that’s just fiction!!!
    I am quite confident that the German manufacturers will bring very good oves to market over the next 2 years.
    An indirect indicator is the GIGA factory planned by Tesla in Berlin-Brandenburg.

    I’m looking forward to the electrical future!
    Just gladly with ..


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