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The Smart is only available with an electric drive. This makes it an even better everyday companion?

Smart EQ Fortwo

Anyone looking for the right car for every situation in life when buying a car has never come to the right place at Smart. It is just as unsuitable for long family holidays as it is for shopping at a furniture store – and quite deliberately so. Because the small Smart Fortwo is completely designed for everyday life in the city. Since the most recent facelift it has only been available with an electric drive. Because long distances are hardly possible with the small battery and 144 kilometers range according to the WLTP measurement.

On the other hand, the tiny one shines where the biggest part of car life takes place for many: on the short distances between home, office and supermarket.
The battery with 16.7 kWh storage capacity is easily sufficient for the many daily short trips. Although the range on the motorway dwindles quickly, in urban traffic significantly more than 100 kilometers between charging stops are possible – if that is necessary at all. Studies show that the average European travels little more than 30 kilometers per day.
In addition, the small battery has an advantage at the charging station: A fast charging station with 50 kW or more, which is still rare, is not needed here to fill the battery quickly. The battery is fully charged in around 45 minutes on a wall box with an output of 22 kW. If you can charge at home overnight, you can also use a normal household socket.

Little everyday hero-hero

Smart EQ Fortwo.

As you are used to from Smart, the electric version of the car also offers a surprisingly airy feeling of space for two people. The trunk with a two-part tailgate offers enough space for three to four shopping bags – enough for most daily errands. There are also practical details such as the numerous storage compartments or a strap on the front passenger seat, with which handbags or other small luggage can be practically attached.

The Stromer is powered by a 60 kW (81 hp) electric motor on the rear axle. Thanks to 160 Nm of torque, the drive is lively and powerful, especially at city speeds – and even makes driving a pleasure in a small car. The small turning circle is also fun: since the engine drives the rear wheels, the front wheels can turn very strongly. With a turning circle diameter of 6.95 meters, the two-seater can easily turn on a two-lane road in one go – and can also be easily maneuvered in narrow parking garages. This saves a lot of stress and provides additional driving pleasure.

Little everyday hero-hero

The Smart EQ Fortwo.

Conclusion: The Smart EQ Fortwo is definitely not a car for all cases. For most small errands and tasks in everyday life, however, it is almost unbeatably practical. However, the electric Smart is not exactly cheap at at least 25,212 francs – especially since in many cases it is more suitable as a second car. But the Stromer shines with very low maintenance costs. The electric drive is practically maintenance-free and electricity for 100 kilometers only costs around three francs. In addition, in many places you benefit from reduced road traffic tax.

And: The small city car can also earn money if desired. You can lend your Smart using a smartphone app; the borrower can open the car via an app and start it with a key stored in the car. As a rental company, you can set a price per minute or per kilometer in the app. In this way, the car can be used by friends or acquaintances – and bring in money for the owner instead of just sitting uselessly in the garage.

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