Little hope for serial production of Swedish small car Uni ONE

Little hope for serial production of Swedish small car Uni ONE-production

That’s probably nothing more. In 2017, the Swedish start-up Unitis of the Australian founder Lewis Horne was taken to become a second Tesla. The fully electric small car Uniti One, which should set new standards with an unusual space distribution and highest sustainability in the urban area, will probably no longer see the light of series production after a long time. Swedish investigative journalists of the magazine “Filter” have uncovered unbelievable, which makes the realization of the stainless steel series in a long distance.

No less than a “catalyst for positive changes in our industry” one wanted to become how founder Horne still explained in 2019. The concept sounds promising: optimized for efficiency, sustainability and affordability, while maximizing the interior for three adults, the Uniti One – in the design on the smart should be used – especially in urban space. The driver sits alone in the first row, in the second there are two fully equipped seats. Due to the arrangement, the passenger can escape and board without the driver having to leave his place. This saves vehicle length and time. Two battery levels with ranges up to 300 km wanted to offer. With Scandinavian minimalist design and prices from about 17.000 Euro would have the electrician segment probably quite tidy.

After 2018 only a short video had given insights into the concept, Uniti wanted to go in production in 2019. Interested parties could make a non-binding pre-order by 149 euros, which apparently also about 3.500 potential buyers have made. From the 300.000 However, the cars announced for 2020 have not been built so far. The reason was delays because of the Corona pandemic as well as financial bottlenecks. From the “Factory 4 planned in Swedish Landskrona.0 “Anyway, nothing to see. And more: the Swedish journalists claim that the prototypes presented in 2021 investors should actually have traded the electric Zhidou D3, which imported from China and redesigned for the presentation only with new color and new bumpers.

After the team has been reduced in the meantime, it is also sharpened by this site in the direction of the company founder Horne. Former employees call horny little flattering than “cheater who believes to be Elon Musk, but has no idea about cars”. Horne would have managed to deceive employees, investors and potential customers with his charisma. The latter will probably have to say goodbye to your deposit. Although purposeful compared to those sums that investors have prepared and who now have to be written off.

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