Load bicycles: Greens demand 1000 euros in grants – violent debate

1000 euros grant per wheel

One billion euros for cargo bikes? Green proposal triggers violent debate

Load bicycles: Greens demand 1000 euros in grants - violent debate-load
Sina Schuldt/dpa A cargo bike on tour in the Lower Saxony Oldenburg (archive picture)

One billion euros for cargo bikes? The Greens want to significantly expand the existing funding program for cargo bikes and pay 1000 euros in grants each. The FDP scolds about a "foggy pack", experts consider the excitement to be exaggerated.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information the Greens want to spend one billion euros in the next legislative period to promote cargo bicycles. A million cargo bikes should be funded by the federal government, each with a grant of 1,000 euros, the Green Budget politician Sven-Christian Kindler told the Editorial Network Germany (RND). Unlike previously privately used cargo bikes, privately should be entitled to a subsidy. Currently, only companies, municipalities or associations can apply for funding."Clean mobility is not available for free," said Kindler. Laddies are of significant importance in the turn of the traffic. Many craftsmen and small business owners could also offer their services and trips with e-cargo bikes. For them there are too few funding. The same applies to loan systems for e-cargo bikes and for families who wanted to buy a cargo bike.Better promotion of the cycling infrastructure can also be found in the election program of the Greens for the Bundestag election on 26. September, but without mentioning a specific funding amount. "We strengthen the federal funding and advisory services for the expansion and modernization of the cycling infrastructure, create a powerful competence center of cycling and subsidies to buy job and cargo bikes as well as S-Pedelecs," it says.

"No miracle tool", but "economically not so bad"

Experts do not necessarily consider the promotion of cargo bicycles to be effective, but also not wrong. Matthias Huber, professor of energy industry and intelligent infrastructure at the Technical University of Deggendorf, wrote on Twitter, wrote on Twitter. “With the best will in the world, I can’t imagine it for craftsmen.“However, the lower space requirement compared to a car is a real advantage, because parking spaces are indirectly highly subsidized in large cities, especially in large cities. "When four cargo bikes park instead of a car, it is no longer so bad," writes Huber. “Even at the village kindergarten, parking spaces are scarce."The cargo bike is" not a miracle tool ", but the proposed subsidy is" not so much compared to other."

FDP scolds about "Mogelpack"

Sharp criticism came from the FDP. "The Greens want to operate clientele policy with the money of taxpayers," said vice-parliamentary group spokesman Christian Durr on Sunday of the AFP news agency. For efficient climate protection, no further "bureaucratic mini subsidies, but a comprehensive emission trade with hard CO2 lids are needed," said Durr. That is the best way to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve the climate goals.Durr asked the Greens to work together with the FDP to extend the certificate trade to all industries "instead of losing further in the small small". For the parliamentary managing director of the FDP parliamentary group, Marco Buschmann, the cargo bike bonus is not an investment, but the subsidization of consumption. “If you call the investment, it is a mock pack!“, Buschmann wrote on Twitter.

CSU: "Majority of people has nothing of it"

Union faction vice Ulrich Lange (CSU) refused Kindler’s idea. Only in the inner -city area could cargo bicycles be a meaningful instrument, he told the "world". Much of it lives in the country. “The majority of people have nothing of the Greens’ proposal, except that they should pay for it."Left-wing parliamentary group leader Amira Mohamed Ali told the" Welt "that cargo bikes could help in some cities," in rural regions they help practically nobody ". Anyone who believes that with state promotion of cargo bicycles can initiate the traffic turnaround is on the wrong track. “Instead, local public transport should be expanded consistently, and ticket prices must decrease."

Load bicycles: Greens demand 1000 euros in grants - violent debate-load

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Load bicycles: Greens demand 1000 euros in grants - violent debate-1000

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10 thoughts on “Load bicycles: Greens demand 1000 euros in grants – violent debate”

  1. Politics for the imaginary elite
    The proposal to the cargo bike once again shows in which thoughts and thoughts the Greens and … The proposal to the cargo bike once again shows in which thoughts and thoughts the green life and for which social class politics is made. Instead of standing up to the city for the expansion of public transport in the country and reasonable rail connections, the electrical clientele wants to subsidize the e-cargo wheel. A good idea? Only if the SUV is abolished in the garage. But it does not become because the cargo bike is only an ecostatism symbol for most voters. You can use the cargo bike for short distances (if the weather fits and does not hurried) so that you don’t have to have a guilty conscience on a weekend trip to the Baltic Sea or the mountains, since you save the world of Mon-Fri.

  2. Cargo bike
    Warm greetings. What kind of bullshit have you come up with again. Should we fall back to the level of India and Pakistan. Perhaps Annalena will drive with the cargo bike at her next campaign appearance.

  3. no idea!
    Zero idea how it is in the big cities! These things are an accident without end! If you then see that children are also transported in it, you would like to withdraw custody of the parents!

  4. great idea
    Great idea, I recommend a trip to Bangkok to get a picture of the green brain brushes on site. Back to the routes, Stone Age we are coming!

  5. SOder can’t believe it!
    Laschet can make so many mistakes, Baerbock can still be a bit better! The hope of a change of candidate by the Union in front of the "home stretch" will smash itself. If an Olaf Scholz can catch up, it shows which rivets the Union and the Greens have thrown into the race for the chancellorship! No matter who Chancellor or. Chancellor will be the worst candidate for decades! Ok, Merkel except!

  6. Head cinema
    I see the heating builder who just delivered a kettle and 30 radiators with the cargo bike after the installer had unloaded his bathtubs and sinks and the tiler also brought away his stuff for 500 square meters of space. And then a tandem crosses my path with an ambulance and the special signal on the special signal and Sagway riding police officers, followed by a hundred on tandems, is on the way to use while the perpetrators start the V8 and … But beverage deliveries are then converted to bottles more often and then the winter comes and then I see all of this at a standstill at Blitzeis again in front of the spiritual eye. Satire end.

  7. no idea
    You can turn it as you want, the Greens have in their urban “woke” bubble no connection where people actually press the shoe.

  8. But the poodle hat must also be included…
    Because the real cargo bike driver is only authentic with the poodle hat, which he undoubtedly needs in the morning, late autumn and, above all, in winter, because the driver is really exposed to wind and weather and above all the cold…. It is best to have a poodle hat in red with solar cells on top and red rear light for night trips, which batteries can be charged through the solar cells during the day…. If I look at it that way, the technology was more modern in the 1930s, there were so -called load rates, which I have actually seen until the 1970s, but they had heating and wipers

  9. Clientele policy
    The rich, urban hipsters who are the real clientele of the Greens get a gift. In addition to the subsidized electrical car, you will also look forward to another conscience device.

  10. The Greens again
    The new green election campaign slogan of the Greens: "The Greens – Back to the Stone Age" or "Saturday I have my dad with the cargo bike for myself" or "The Greens – by bike to the Stone Age"


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