Load bikes: five new models in the check

New cargobics

Load bikes: five new models in the check

Load bikes: five new models in the check-models
The SBLOC Caldera with its inclination technology ensures the special kick photo: SP-X/Mario Hommen 5x: cargobics strange – the new pleasure with the load

The selection of cargo bikes in Germany is getting bigger and bigger. In order to be able to stand out from the crowd, manufacturers are therefore becoming increasingly creative and thinking the topic again and again in a curious way again and again.

If you think of cargo bikes, you usually have one or two typical representatives of the segment in mind. But the luggage specialists are also increasingly playful, more varied, exotic and well thought -out in view of the unabated high demand, even in view of the unabated high demand. Here are five, some of which are quite sloping guys with plenty of space for all sorts.


At first glance, it is not even recognizable as a cargo wheel, for example, the freshly started convercycle from Germany. Actually, it looks like a standard bike, which is characterized by a rear with unusually large number of pipes between which the rear wheel is. The highlight: it can be folded away, which not only goes hand in hand with a significant extension of the wheelbase, but also creates space for a now loading bar charging basket. The 2-in-1 wheel mutated to the longtail can also absorb larger luggage such as transport boxes and tolerate a payload of 80 kilograms. Around 2.The version with bio -drive costs 600 euros, if you want to transport electrically, you have to 1.Pay 200 euros surcharge.

Load bikes: five new models in the check-load
If the rear is folded back at the convercycle, the meaning of the many additional framework aspirations photo: convercycle also shows 5x: cargobics strange – the new pleasure with the load

Hase Bikes Pino

The Pino of Hase Bikes is even more versatile than the convercycle. Tandem, pedelec, children’s taxi, travel and recumbent bike, cargo or city bike- the user have the choice. While the rear part is structured like a classic bike, the front half corresponds to a recumbent bike. The comfortable seat in front has its own upstream pedal drive, which means that the pino can be used in two-person operation like a tandem.

Load bikes: five new models in the check-Which cargo bike best suited
The versatility of the Pino of Hase Bike is enormous photo: Hase Bikes 5x: cargobics strange – the new pleasure with the load

The frame can be telescopic, which is why not only adults but also smaller children can ride in the front. The front seat can alternatively be upgraded with a cargo box, and hare bikes also offers special brackets that allow the transport of heavy loads under the frame. From around 5.It starts 600 euros with the all -round operated by muscle power. If you want motor support, you have to at least 8.Invest 600 euros for the steps with an electric drive from Shimano.

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Myboo e-cargo bike

Less the shape than the framework material makes the E-load wheel from My Boo an exotic. The format corresponds to a classic long-John cargobike, in which the 80 centimeter long charging box is located in front of the saddle and handlebar and in front of the distant and small-format front wheel. However, the actually special is the frame pipes that consist of bamboo metal. Despite natural material, the construction should tolerate a permissible total weight of 190 kilograms. The wooden box allows the transport of larger objects or alternatively taking children with you. So that the driver does not have to fight with this weight, there is the 85 Newton meter EP8 medium engine from Shimano. My Boo does not yet call a prize for the bamboo bike available next year. However, it should be well over 5.000 euros.

Sblocs Caldera

The Caldera of the Berlin company SBLocs also offers a wooden box. What is special here, however, is the tilting technology of the tricycle, which is hidden under the luggage compartment. Instead of curves, the Caldera almost offers the driving experience of a single-lane bike. As usual as a bike, you lie down here in curves. At least in long curves, this works amazingly well with the tricycle. However, steering turns are also required for tight curves as with a tricycle. This takes some getting used to, but with a little practice you quickly get the bow out. With good equipment and a fine Brose middle engine, however, it is easy to get over 6.000 euros.

Load bikes: five new models in the check-bikes
The Citkar Loadster also discovered logstic companies like Hermes for themselves Photo: Hermes 5x: cargobics strange – the new pleasure with the load

Citkar Loadster

If three bikes are not enough, you can now find alternatives with four bikes. Citkar from Berlin offers a pick-up variant of his cargo bike Loadster. Thanks to the interpretation as a pedelec, this "motor vehicle" can be used without a driver’s license, helmet and approval, at the same time it offers comfort properties of an automobile. So there is a protective windshield, a sprung chassis and an extra-wheeled cargo compartment. The larger one of two loading surface variant offers a base area of 1.23 x 0.82 meters. In addition to the driver, the approximately 170 kilogram e-mobile allows you to take over 150 kilograms of luggage. In order to get the maximum permissible weight of 400 kilograms going, a pedelec drive with approximately 50 kilometers of range supports. The minimobile orderable online costs around 11 in the simplest version.800 euros.This article was written by Mario Hommen/SP-X

Which cargo bike is best suited

Load bikes: five new models in the check-load

Bit projects Which cargo bike is best suited

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  1. Ape
    Before this, the Italians have had their three -wheel ape for decades . In the meantime … there are also electronically in different versions. I don’t understand why then mobile technology has to go back to the Middle Ages. Soon the e-carriage will definitely come.

  2. How far we have come.
    In the past, cars were presented that for a. There are tests of cargo bicycles today. How ridiculous is that? China switched from the cargo bike to the car and we vice versa. Whoever thinks they can keep up with the world with such a nonsense, who actually believes that the world should recover in the German being.

  3. Load bikes ..
    …… are spinning of the Greens. However, there seem to be a number of people who like to notice in public … Danger! Parking needs car parking spaces.

  4. Already strange, but….
    In principle, such a cargo bike is as nonsensical to many as a SUV compared to a small car. It takes more storage space than a normal bike and simply turning off on the sidewalk is no longer possible.

  5. Electric cargo bikes are for private individuals
    rather unsuitable. The size of these vehicles and the necessary charging options alone require practically a parking space. And both are not available in the cities. Not to mention the theft protection, which many encounter the normal bicycles in the apartments. And in the country, major distances are to be covered – in any weather – current diesel is more suitable. The situation is different for shops, delivery services, etc. from, there are certainly some possible uses, but who wants to live and work in Shanghai 1900 ..

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