loading network.DE: In one year, number of charging points increased by 43 percent

loading network.DE: In one year, number of charging points increased by 43 percent-number

The last time we are likely to be in March 2019 via Loading Net.DE reported. About at this time, the company has 250 active (DC) fast loads in service. Previously, the service was able to significantly expand its presence in the market year after year. Despite Corona pandemic and the reduced mobility behavior, it is the charging network.DE network succeeded to grow. So you currently bring it to currently 8.430 charging points.

Consider this number more precisely, it turns out that the number of charging points alone in the last quarter is 10% and even 43% over the last year. This means that charging network.de its market share in public charging columns to increase to 28%. Especially in the west and southern Germany, the partners have been able to record above-average growth through the inclusion of regional and national support projects.

“Although fewer people were traveling and thus the number of charging operations has declined, the expansion of the charging infrastructure is continued.”- Moritz Thickhage, Head of the Department of SMARTLAB

In parallel, the number of Stadtwerke partners increased in the shop network.DE Verbund until August 2020 to 221. Since the beginning of the year, the following members have been connected to the Ladenzetz de Verbund: Stadtwerke Borken / Westf. GmbH, Stadtwerke Zweibrucken GmbH, Stadtwerke Coesfeld GmbH, Stadtwerke Neufen AG, municipal works Kieferfelden, Rathenower Heat supplies GmbH, Kraftwerk Farchant A. Poettinger & co. Kg, e.WA Riss GmbH & Co. KG, Stadtwerke Zeven GmbH, Municipal Works Garmisch Partenkirchen, Stadtwerke Ahlen GmbH, Wasserwerk Vechta, Energy Supply Filstal, Eberwerk GmbH & Co. KG, Stadtwerke Waldkraiburg, Stadtwerk Velbert, Electricity Inzell, Stadtwerke Plattling, Municipal Works Numbrecht GmbH and Urban Werke AG.

Added to this are the companies in charge network.de – business partners are organized. Since January 2020, the number of business partners has also been doubled.

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