loading network.DE Sets 250 active (DC) fast loads

loading network.DE Sets 250 active (DC) fast loads-sets

As of December 2018 SmartLab has the increased annual target of 175 stadtwerke partners at Ladenzetz.DE achieved. Thus, the SmartLab Innovationgesellschaft mbH built behind the Verbund Loading Net.DE is, its world-wide position in the stoneworks continue. Meanwhile, Loading Net.Also on 250 active (DC) fast loaders in your own portfolio.

At the company premises of the Stavag Stadtwerke Aachen AG in Aachen, the hometown of the SmartLab Innovationgesellschaft, was solemn the 250. (DC) quick loader put into operation. Thus, the SmartLab has one of the largest DC car networks in Germany.

After a charging time of only approx. For 30 minutes, the journey can be continued with the BMW I3 with a fully charged battery. This fast load is also open 24 hours on 7 days a week and has the plug types CCS, Chademo, as well as type2. In this context gives charge network.to understand that (DC) fast loaders to strategically chosen locations complement the (AC) normally loading infrastructure in the public area, as well as the store at home. Thus, optimal conditions for daily use of electric cars are created.

As is known, SmartLab developed innovative services, products and concepts for electromobility. The focus is always the networking of charging infrastructure, because the goal is a nationwide network in Germany and Europe-wide interoperability with other market players. An example of the broad installation of SmartLab is the cooperation with Wirelane. Only in October, the two companies have brought the product “charging” on the market. The product itself combines priorities of the two companies.

Still in October 2017, SMatrics with SmartLab, the initiator of Loading Net.DE, fed together. Since then, the previous SMatrics customers are now further around 1.200 charging points available in Germany. For the customers of Loading Net.The offer grew around 400 SMatrics charging point in Austria.

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