Loading network expansion: Wirelane collects 18 million euros

Loading network expansion: Wirelane collects 18 million euros-collects

The company Wirelane prepares for the growth of electromobility and the nationwide expansion of charging infrastructure. The supplier for charging solutions is received by own information within the framework of a B-financing round 18 million euros growth capital – cited by Abacon Capital, the investment vehicle of “Bull Family Office” and other private investors. The second financing round of the company was transformed several times according to a communication and consists of 12.1 million euros of fresh capital as well as the conversion of existing 5.9 million euro loans in equity.

Thanks to strong government promotion and purchase incentives on the part of the manufacturers, many electric vehicles are expected on the streets in the coming years. The pan to the electric drive requires parallel a rapid expansion of the charging infrastructure for the store at home, at work, at the destination or the fast shop on highways. By 2030, one million public charging points should be built in Germany alone in order to achieve the reduction targets for CO2 emissions of 40 percent.

Wirelane specializes in the field of public and commercial shops and, with its charging solutions, focuses primarily on the target groups Hospitality, real estate industry and companies that want to provide their park and footprints for electric cars for loading.

“In order to achieve the goal of climate neutrality in combination with the mobility transition, loading of electric vehicles must be a fundamental right as unrestricted access to the Internet,” says Wirelane boss Constantin Schwaab. The now completed financing round allows the establishment of a five-digit number of charging points in the coming three years.

Wirelane offers its customers according to own data complete solutions for the construction, operation and marketing of charging infrastructure. Under the motto “Charge. PAY. Done.”Drive the company, founded in 2016, the vision of simple, anywhere available loading experience is called. At present, via the cloud-based software solution “Wirelaneos” would be more than 13.000 charging stations Managed and controlled manufacturer independent.

As Electric Mobility Provider (EMP), Wirelane offers access to Europe-wide more than 95.000 public charging points and permanent urban workers, suppliers and business customers use the loading infrastructure software for their own end customer offer. Monthly, the company resident in Munich and Berlin is therefore more than 60.000 charging transactions for its customers.

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