Logbook test series: This Audi is totally pointless, but it’s fun


This Audi is totally pointless, but it’s fun

Quickly around the bend with the Audi RS Q3

With 310 hp, all-wheel drive and sports suspension, you can have a lot of fun – even in an SUV. “Welt” reporter Stefan Anker tested the Audi RS Q3 and its grumpy five-cylinder sound. Source: The World


310 PS, sports suspension – and all of this under the body of an SUV. Cars like the RS Q3 from Audi have a hard time with social acceptance. Nevertheless, this car is culturally valuable.

D.he great Friedrich Karl Waechter has drawn many cartoons that will stand the test of time. Most famous is certainly the cover picture of the volume "Probably no pig is looking again", in which a goose does a headstand in a boot and thinks that probably no pig is looking again. But at the bottom right of the picture there is a little pig and says: "Great!"

Admittedly, this has little to do with the Audi RS Q3, but it is always an asset to deal with Waechter. His work also actually contains a cartoon that succinctly summarizes the driving experience in the Audi sports SUV.

Not that Waechter, who died in 2005, had ever drawn a 310 hp SUV with powerful air intakes and a perky roof spoiler. But he would have liked the RS Q3 because it is just as cheeky as the cartoons. In any case, this Audi is not exactly vying for social acceptance. It is more of a robust men’s toy that is looking for an owner who stands firm by it.

A rare five-cylinder engine

Which is easy when you are just a little more enthusiastic than average about engines. A rarity growls and roars under the hood: a 2.5-liter inline five-cylinder with turbocharger.

Buying this sporty car is worthwhile for this alone: ​​To keep this rare technology alive. After Volvo, Audi is the last manufacturer to still offer such engines. Volvo equips the entire model range with it (mainly as a diesel), Audi only uses the five-cylinder in the TT RS (here with 340 hp) and in the RS Q3.

And thus keeps in touch with an important part of its history. In 1976, the Audi 100 5E saw the first series-production petrol five-cylinder ever, and the legendary Ur-Quattro was only available with five-cylinders.

If you accelerate, the machine starts to growl audibly, but the propulsion also goes very well with the sound. When the turbocharger kicks in, up to 420 Newton meters press on the crankshaft – this very high value is stable between 1800 and 5500 revolutions, which results in excellent driving performance.

Difficult to stay under 12 liters

If necessary, the 1730-kilogram car catapults itself to 100 km / h in 5.5 seconds, and acceleration only stops at 250 km / h. The seven-speed dual clutch transmission fits the engine and changes gears in a flash.

Consumption? Yes, the car wants Super Plus. Yes, it is not that easy to stay under twelve liters. But a sports SUV with a brutal engine and gentle use of energy has yet to be invented. Anyone who suffers beyond the ten-liter mark is not allowed to buy this car.

And here comes F.K. Guard into play. His cartoon “The Mountain Frogs Dream” shows a flock of frogs sitting on the back of a stork, which does not fly, but rather slides down a snow-covered slope on its stomach. In addition, the frogs call in chorus: "Heidewitzka, Herr Kapitan!"

That is exactly the attitude with which you have to drive an RS Q3: Always a little on the verge of cockiness, but with pleasure. If only it weren’t for the road traffic regulations – the RS Q3 needs to be moved very vigilantly in order to comply with the legal limits.

Space is not the greatest strength

On the handling course of the ADAC driving safety center Berlin-Brandenburg, however, the rule was: enjoyment without regrets. It’s amazing how precisely the not-so-light car drives around the corner, even at high speeds.

If you exaggerate it, there is a slight tendency to understeer, but this can easily be turned off with a little less gas at the entrance to the curve. And in everyday life the RS is noticeably an RS, but not uncomfortably hard either.

The buyers of an RS Q3 shouldn’t bother with everyday qualities, but they should be briefly mentioned: You can’t blame the Q3 for wasting space – if there are four of you in it, it gets pretty cozy. The trunk is also not exaggerated with 460 to 1365 liters.

On the other hand, the quality of the seats is beyond any doubt, and the workmanship, which has always been Audi‘s strength, is phenomenal. In the top model of the Q3 series, every seam really fits, every joint is narrow and even.

Extras were in the car for 12,000 euros

The only thing to criticize is the monitor for the navigation system: it pops up from the dashboard via a folding mechanism, but the driver does not experience an elegant flat screen like in the A3, but looks at a rather clunky housing. Wouldn’t have been noticed two or three years ago, but if you know that things can be done better…

Incidentally, anyone who thinks that a top model is fully equipped is wrong. The list of options at Audi is long, but studying the standard equipment also takes time: 19-inch light-alloy wheels, xenon headlights, roof rails, Alcantara leather sports seats with heated seats, piano-lacquer inlays, automatic air conditioning, CD radio with sound system, on-board computer, hill start assist , Parking sensors, electronic differential lock.

Nevertheless, there are still upgrade options, our test car cost 66,690 euros, which is a good 12,000 euros above the list price.

You really have to want a car like this, because it’s actually completely pointless. But if you want it (and can afford it) then you’ve found a friend for life and a modern rarity at that. The Audi RS Q3 is something for the road, for the soul and later for the museum.

Heidewitzka, sir!

"world"-Reporter Stefan Anker regularly tweets spontaneous car news and observations from everyday driving and testing and is pleased if you are here click and follow him. Or check out his Facebook page past.

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