Lotus sees potential for purely electric hypercar

Lotus sees potential for purely electric hypercar-hypercar

Only in November we reported that Lotus wants to become electrically. In mid-December it is already a little more concrete. At this time, the statement in the room was that the sports cars continue to put on the burning technology. An electrification of these models is only as a hybrid in planning. Meanwhile, other sounds are struck here.

So it seems as if one plays with the idea of playing a hypercar in small seriousness on the market. A first Concept Car should be completed next year. The development was probably planned at the Lotus location Hethel. The hypercar of Lotus is priced at around 2. Mio. Pound. Current and above all official information about the Concept Car are still out. So Lotus merely to understand the following.

“The Lotus development team examines numerous engineering projects in various vehicle sectors with multiple drive systems. As part of the development process, these projects are rated continuously and stringent and only the best come into production. However, as the corporate policy provides for, Lotus does not comment on future product programs or speculation.”

Is it to Autocar the purely electric hypercar of Lotus more than 1.To bring 000 hp to the street. Further technical details are scarce, especially in terms of the type of battery technology, which the car may use, but it is to be assumed that the fully electric brand Polestar, which is owned by Geely, be involved and of this research and development will benefit. All other classic supercar brands that have developed into hypercars have decided to combine electrical energy with conventional combustion, but Lotus seems to go the way of fully electrification.

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