Low consumption despite 2 tons of weight: Kult -Jeep now comes as a plugin news

Before Mercedes elects its G-Class, Jeep puts his original model Wrangler an image that is as image-prone as it is contemporary. So it is next to the Renegade (S.Video) The second jeep, which is part -electrically on the road, is technically adding it technically.

The fact that some die-hard jeep and off-road fans pull the gray hair pulling when you hear that the wrangler can now also be obtained as a plug-in hybrid, you can convince yourself of this in forums and the virtually held fan meeting. An electric motor in the rustic jeep wrangler – that doesn’t work at all. Yes – does it and at least from the frame data it works quite well for now. On the front of the burner, a fluid -cooled generator unit also replaces the conventional alternator and the starter. A belt connects the motorgenerator with the crankshaft wheel pane of the engine. The motorgenerator delivers additional torque for the drive, turns the crankshaft for an almost seamless start-stop operation and generates charging current for the high-voltage battery.

Four -cylinder plus two electric motors

Overall, the power of the three hearts beat in the Jeep Wrangler. The two-liter four-cylinder turbo, in which it shuddered many Wrangler fans for the first time, is supported in terms of propulsion of two electric motors. The two electrical modules are fed by a 400-volt battery with 17 kWh capacity, which ultimately ensures a more than impressive performance of 280 kW / 381 hp and a huge torque of 637 Nm. The hybrid jeep wrangler can cover up to 50 kilometers purely electrically. The standard consumption is 3.5 liters super at 100 kilometers. A value that would have been impossible on paper years ago.

The second electric motor in the eight -sized automatic transmission automatic gearboxes and thus replaces the usual torque converter. Two couplings control performance and torque of electrical and combustion engine. In the event of a strong acceleration, the three engines jump together and accelerate the two -ton off -roaders in 6.5 seconds to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds. The driver can choose between three different driving programs; Either maximum efficiency, purely electrical or for dynamic propulsion.

Prices from 70.000 euros

However, many Jeep fans should be much more important that the electrified Wrangler has not lost its proverbial off-road properties through the electricity cure. All Unlimited models are equipped with a demand-controlled all-wheel drive. The Selec-Trac-4×4 drive is available for the Sahara 4xe / 80th Anniversary 4xe and Rock-Trac for the particularly terrible Rubicon 4xe with four driving modes. At the Sahara 4xe with its fully automatic four-wheel drive along with Dana-44 axes at the front and in the back there is a two-stage distribution gear with a reduction of 2.72. A blocking differential on the rear axle ensures additional grip with low traction on ice, snow, sand and gravel. The embankment angle is 36 or. 31.4 degrees, which should ensure maximum off -road capacity together with a ramp angle of almost 21 degrees and ground clearance of 25 and a wading depth of up to 76 centimeters. The Rubicon rolls on mighty 32-inch. If that’s not enough: With the various mopar accessories, there are hardly any limits to the terrain wishes of the Jeep fans.

As standard, the Jeep Wrangler PHEV offers LED headlights, various driver assistance systems, keyless access, parking assistants and reversing camera as well as navigation system. The prices for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4xe start at 69.500 euros for the Sahara; Rubicon and 80th Anniversary Edition cost at least 71.000 or. 72.500 euro.

Low consumption despite 2 tons of weight: Kult -Jeep now comes as a plugin news-consumption
Jeep Wrangler 4xe / Image: Stellantis Low consumption despite 2 tons of weight: Kult-Jeep now comes as a plugin

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    Ultimately, this car is just something for Jeep lovers, because like Sebastian Viehmann … well explained, the relatively small car is too expensive for what it offers.

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    You really wonder what meaning such tanks should have. When "City car" you really can’t call these bodies.


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