Lucid confident of achieving 2022-23 targets

Lucid confident of achieving 2022-23 targets-confident

Luxury electric carmaker Lucid Motors is on track to meet its 2022 and 2023 production targets. The goal for 2021 can also be achieved. Whereby this is supposedly low with 577 vehicles. However, it should be noted that series production only started at the beginning of October.

At the end of September 2021 Lucid could be good 13.000 Record reservations for its luxury electrolimousine Air. The Lucid Air brings more than 1.000 hp and good 837 kilometers range under the hood with himself. This is to be delivered from 2022 in Germany and other European markets. The necessary small change has taken Lucid through an IPO about a Mantelgesellschaft (SPAC). These around 4.4 billion US dollars are needed to promote series production. But you would not hesitate to get further money if it were necessary.

Peter Rawlinson, CEO of the company, expressed itself lucigegen that this is a “capital-intensive business”. And yet Lucid Motors is on the best way to be his production target of 20.000 vehicles in 2022 and 50.000 to reach in 2023. He said the latest funding “will last until the end of 2022. So it doesn’t extend to Project Gravity,” a nod to the company’s all-electric SUV, which is slated for release in late 2023.

“The balance sheet is in order until the end of next year. So we won’t wait until the end of next year to raise money. That would be pretty crazy,” he said. It can therefore be assumed that Lucid will become active again by mid-2022 at the latest in order to raise further funds to stabilize production. At the moment, however, the focus is initially on the production of the Lucid Air, the first electric vehicle.

Lucid expects reservation holders of Lucid Air Dream Edition models to receive their vehicles by the end of October, with deliveries to additional customers beginning thereafter. Deliveries of the Grand Touring, Touring and Air Pure models are expected to follow. Lucid has more than 13 so far.Earned 000 reservations for the Lucid Air. good 2.000 more since reservations were last announced in Augst.

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5 thoughts on “Lucid confident of achieving 2022-23 targets”

  1. I’m looking forward to this car. I find it really successful.

    Although not in my price league, I’m still happy for the new vehicle owners.

    keep it up

    it remains exciting

  2. Well, 577 cars. Makeable. But I don’t see a big niche for the vehicle. What does it have to offer? Nobody knows the name, the design goes like this. It’s not spectacular. No chance in Europe anyway.

  3. With the number of planned vehicles, I see no competition for an established company. Not even to Tesla. There isn’t even the capacity for that.

    This is simply serving a niche for customers who think their car battery capacity should be bigger than their bladder..

  4. toy f.People who already have everything – no solution f.i.e.broad masses as an alternative to solving the CO2 problem… like all other cars that are above the subsidy limit..
    After a mileage of >100 km, the car also wants to.000″/>50.000 km no longer have.
    As with cars in a similar price range beyond the subsidy limit, massive amounts of money are being sunk and the price per km is being driven up massively..
    Who can afford that? The fewest…

  5. Startups have a big advantage over all die-hard dinosaurs. You don’t have to drag along any mistakes from the past decades. In this sense, start-ups today are the present of tomorrow. I have no regrets if the dinosaurs fall by the wayside in this case.


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