Lucid Motors explains his long-term vision for affordable luxury electric cars

Lucid Motors explains his long-term vision for affordable luxury electric cars-affordable

The electric car start-up Lucid Motors strives for ten kilometers range per kilowatt-hour battery and ultra-fast charging operations. But these are only two of many points. “I play a chess game here with Lucid. It’s not about a single product, “said Lucids Chief Technology Officer Peter Rawlinson in a conversation with the US Blog Insideevs. Rawlinson was still at Tesla until 2012 and there the chief engineer of Tesla Model S.

Rawlinson believes that electric cars have to switch to a “other paradigm” as the ever larger batteries. He said the key to Lucid is internal technology competence, including production and design of small, highly efficient engines and power electronics and an unprecedented level of aerodynamics. The progress made at Lucid could make an efficiency jump of about six kilometers per kilowatt-hour at today’s electric cars.

Rawlinson wants to combine the higher degree of efficiency of the battery with ultra-fast charging technology. The partnership with Electrify America also aims to provide a nationwide network of 350 kW chargers. “We’ll see Electrify America installed fast charging stations on each street corner,” he said. Great accuprackets with more than 400 kilometers reach therefore unnecessarily.

Lucid is able to produce a real luxury car that less than 30.000 US dollars (about 26.500 euros) should cost. “So we change the way humanity mobilizes themselves,” said Rawlinson, “That’s what drives me. It is this long-term strategy.”

Rawlinson, however, admitted that Lucid must first develop a trademark of a vehicle on the way to success, which is a “Technological Tour de Force”. It is the Lucid Air, a four-door electric sedan, with a good 1000 hp, about 640 kilometers range and a spurt capacity to 100 km / h in less than three seconds. And all for only 60.000 dollars, about 53.000 EURO.

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