Lucid Motors wants to expand e-auto factory

Lucid Motors wants to expand e-auto factory-motors

Only a few hours after his IPO at the end of July, the e-auto-start-up Lucid Motors shared with his factory in Casa Grande, Arizona, around a good 250.000 square meters, the area of good 35 football fields, want to expand. That said Lucid-CEO Pete Rawlinson, shortly after his company, thanks to the IPO, has received a capital syringe of a good 4.5 billion dollars (3.8 billion euros). In addition, Rawlinson betrayed that Lucid was good 11.000 reservations for its luxury electrolimousine Air has existed, which has more than 1000 hp and 800 kilometers under the hood and will be delivered in Germany and other European markets from 2022. In the US, Lucid wants to start with the deliveries this year.

Part of the expansion area is intended to serve for the production of the Project Gravity, the secret to be revealed with the official idea of a luxury electro SUV on the Lucid on its website already a few smaller visual hints allowed. Currently is not much known about gravity, except that the electric SUV will be available from 2023 and use the same battery platform as the Air. Say: High performance and massive power. Accordingly, the company also plans to bring more from component production into its own house, including the production of the body parts. These are still delivered by an external supplier.

The City Council of Casa Grande had already approved the plans to expand the almost 1 million square meter factory in March. The first phase of the factory, whose construction should cost around $ 700 million (about 590 million euros), was completed in the record time of only twelve months. The production capacity of initially around 30.000 vehicles per year should be up to 400.000 can be extended.

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3 thoughts on “Lucid Motors wants to expand e-auto factory”

  1. And here comes the competition in the luxury segment – let’s see how the sales of the EQ will be influenced in the future.
    Main thing electrically &# 128578;

  2. The production capacity of initially around 30.000 vehicles per year should be up to 400.000 can be extended.

    400.000 E cars in the segment between 65.000, – € and 140000, – €
    Sporty announcement … Which model is preferred?

    I really succeeded the car, will surely find some customers

    It remains exciting

  3. My gut feeling (as well as by byton, FF):
    The poker pretty high, the MMN “driving frying pan” (front) is overpoint and overpriced, thus a niche ..
    Somehow I can not get warm with it … but I would like to fool myself ..


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