Luxembourg wants to significantly push e-mobility: 5.000 Euro premium for e-cars / hybrid vehicles up to 2.500 Euro premium

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Luxembourg wants to significantly push e-mobility: 5.000 Euro premium for e-cars / hybrid vehicles up to 2.500 Euro premium-e-mobility

In Luxembourg seems to be a lot to move in terms of e-mobility. Last year, the police Lower Saxony and TU Braunschweig closed a corresponding cooperation with police Luxembourg to test electric cars as service vehicles. Now Luxembourg also wants to encourage individuals to drive purely electrically and calls a generous funding program into life, which is initially limited to one year.

Sales figures of vehicles with alternative drive rising

The sales figures of E cars and hybrid vehicles can be seen in Luxembourg as well as well. After 2017 1.936 electrical or hybrid vehicles were sold, you already have 1 in the first half of 2018.135 vehicles can sell. The previous year – prior to the introduction of tax reductions – had significantly lowered with 714 vehicles in 2016 and 565 vehicles in 2015 in 2015.

Promotion for e-cars, hybrid vehicles and electric motorcycles and e-scooters decided

In the future, sales of E-cars should increase significantly. For this you are now limited, for a year, cars, which is carried at 100 percent with electricity with 5.Promote 000 euros. Hybrid cars that eject up to 50 grams of CO2 per kilometer will be 2.500 euros subsidized. For motorcycles and scooters, the amount of premium can be up to 25 percent of the purchase price without VAT, but at most 500 euros.

Furthermore, the government has been issued that cars and transporters operated with hydrogen fuel cells also entitle to this bonus. For electrotroller it should not give the grant. Incidentally, the granted and already mentioned by 2017 has also included 5,000 euros.

The subsidy receives the owners of the vehicles only if the new vehicle between the 1. January and 31. December 2019 was put into operation. In addition to this, the vehicle must be in possession of the person seven months that the promotion is requested and must not have heard anyone else before. Both private individuals, as well as companies can apply for the promotion.

Expansion of the charging infrastructure is progressing

The charging infrastructure necessary for the E-vehicles should be played piece by piece. Because in common cooperation of the Luxembourg Lady Infrastructure Operator Chargy and Plugsurfing, around 800 additional charging stations in Luxembourg have been set up since the end of 2017.

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