Luxury e car: Lucid Air comes to Europe in the second half of the year

Luxury-e car

Lucid Air comes to Europe in the second half of the year

Luxury e car: Lucid Air comes to Europe in the second half of the year-comes
Lucid/dpa-tmn Shortly before the start: E-car manufacturer Lucid wants to sell his model Air in Germany soon.

In the United States, he is just breaking all rangwide records and soon he should make it to Europe: in the second half of the year Lucid wants to sell his electric luxury limousine air in Germany.

There will soon be a new addition in the electric class: Around a year after the start in the USA, the American newcomer Lucid wants to sell his luxury sedan Air in the second half of 2022 from the first showroom in Munich in Germany. A spokesman for the company confirmed this during test drives in Beverly Hills.

At prices that should start at around 100,000 euros, the almost five-meter-long flow rear sedan should then compete with vehicles such as the Tesla Model S, the Mercedes EQs and the twins Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT.

With 1111 hp, the Air becomes up to 260 km/h fast

In the United States, Lucid is in the headlines with the equivalent of around 149 900 euro Dream Edition of the Air. The first series limited to 520 copies with its 118 kWh battery in the standard cycle, according to the manufacturer.

And the performance of the two engines is also unmatched with 817 kW/1111 hp in this league. According to Lucid, the air accelerates from a standing start to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds before the electronics pull the plug.

The luxury liner is also quick when charging, according to the manufacturer: With a charging power of 300 kW, the Air at best taps the electricity for around 500 kilometers in about 20 minutes.

Several versions are planned

After the first edition, however, Lucid voluntarily equips the Air in three not quite so lavish versions: According to the manufacturer, the basic model pure for around 70 100 euros should come with only one engine of 353 kW/480 hp and a range of 620 kilometers. The touring for the equivalent of 84,300 euros comes with two engines to 456 kW/620 hp and drives up to 650 kilometers.

For the future top model Grand Touring for the equivalent of 123 293 euros, Lucid 588 kW/800 hp and 830 kilometers in prospect.

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