Magna: Networked e-drive makes its debut for newcomers to the car industry

Magna: Networked e-drive makes its debut for newcomers to the car industry-networked

The Canadian-Austrian group Magna is expanding its e-portfolio. According to a statement from the supplier, the all-electric networked drive train “EtelligentReach” is to be launched on the market in the coming year. The system consists of two electric motors, inverters and gearboxes as well as optimized software to maximize range and driving dynamics. According to Magna, it will be installed for the first time in a vehicle from a newcomer to the automotive market.

According to the company, the further development of the eDrive technology to EtelligentReach enables the range to be extended by up to 145 kilometers or 30 percent compared to BEV series vehicles on the market in this segment. Magna‘s approach optimizes the interaction of the individual eDrive components and the entire vehicle. In the growing field of electrification, this is a key difference.

“This is definitely one of those stories where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” said Tom Rucker, President of Magna Powertrain. “EtelligentReach reduces range anxiety among end consumers and improves driving dynamics.Automakers will get a complete, all-electric, all-wheel drive system that is exciting and efficient at the same time

The EtelligentReach control unit integrates, among other things, a driving dynamics controller with a decoupling system. This increases efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions. The use of silicon carbide in the inverter has a positive effect here. The individual control of the two axles improves stability, while at the same time steering forces are significantly reduced when cornering dynamically. Customers can choose between several different driving modes that further improve the driving experience.

According to Magna, EtelligentReach is just one of the current solutions in the field of electrification. Other systems include EtelligentEco – an intelligent, networked PHEV system that, according to the company, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 38 percent and also offers special cloud connectivity. Also in the program is EtelligentForce. The system should enable automobile manufacturers to electrify their light commercial vehicles without having to forego utility and functionality.

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2 thoughts on “Magna: Networked e-drive makes its debut for newcomers to the car industry”

  1. Well, the first work shown is next to the Polestar and the EQC in the trio of energy wasters. All other electric vehicles are significantly more efficient. I think there is more that needs to be changed than networking, so that the vehicle consumes well.

  2. .. yesterday I drove a longer distance (450 km) with the Jaguar I-Pace (with a 20-minute charging break), average consumption 22 kWh at an outside temperature of 3 degrees and with winter tires, that’s already a waste of energy ?
    My conclusion after already 12.000km, the car is suitable for everyday use and is a lot of fun, especially on alpine routes.


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