Mahindra builds in Karnataka, India E-Auto Factory for 70.000 E-cars per year

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Mahindra builds in Karnataka, India E-Auto Factory for 70.000 E-cars per year-india

The Indian car manufacturer Mahindra, perhaps aware of its commitment in the purely electric racing series Formula E, wants to significantly increase the production of electric cars. For this purpose, the foundation stone for its own electric car production is now placed in Karnataka, India. From 2020 there are to 70.000 electric cars per year run from the band.

Mahindra follows specifications of India‘s state government

With this decision to build an e-auto factory in its own country, the company pursues the strategy to retain the leadership in the Indian electric vehicle industry. This decision was certainly influenced by the fact that the Indian government makes pressure that in India in the future E-cars must be produced.

The strong attitude of the government to electric cars and their ambitious project to sell only electric cars by 2030, the State Energy Efficiency Services Limited has already brought to award the world’s largest electric car contract at the end of November 2017. The government has an order of 1.120 billion for Tata Motors in September this year. Rupees awarded. Mahindra also agreed with the offer and received 30% of the total order of 10.000 electric cars supplied in two phases.

Mahindra wants to produce battery packs, power electronics and electric motors in the factory. Also reviewed, the inclusion of its Italian subsidiary Pininfarina in the project, such as Pawan Goenka, Managing Director of Mahindra. Pininfarina announced only at the beginning of October that one opens his headquarters in Munich and a partnership with RIMAC will.

Also rickshaws are electrified – Mahindra is wide

Mahindra not only electrifies cars, but also the new rickshads of the Treo-Elektro series, which use a self-developed electric drive and lithium-ion battery from Mahindra. Mahindra announced an alliance with the South Korean LG Chem in February this year. In addition, the motorcycles are expanded: Mahindra has secured the name rights of the European motorcycle brands Jawa (once Czech Republic) and BSA (once Great Britain).

Essel InfraProJECTs starts with the construction of the charging infrastructure for India

Essel InfraProjects has announced that one plans to RS 1.750 Crore (~ 218.264.232 euros) in a staggered way to invest. The Invest should flow in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, as well as in battery change stations. The construction of 250 charging stations and 1 is planned.000 battery change stations in 20 cities of Uttar Pradesh, a North Indian state with the city of Agra and the legendary Taj Mahal.

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