MAN ETGE now also as a suitcase and tipper

MAN ETGE now also as a suitcase and tipper-tipper

So far, the MAN ETGE in the field of freight transport was available as a box carriage as well as in the area of passenger transport as a station wagon – now you can offer Truck & Bus in cooperation with renowned construction manufacturers the Etge additionally with suitcase construction and with a fixed bunk or as a three-way tipper. This makes the offer in the class of electric light commercial vehicles even wider, the company shares with.

For a furniture house chain in the Netherlands, the Etge with a suitcase structure is already in use, it says. There he allows within the metropolis of Amsterdam the locally emission delivery of the often bulky furniture packages. This is a contribution to improving air quality. The fact that more and more companies think so is reflected in the current admission statistics in Europe (EU 27 + 3). From January to May 2021, the number of battery-electric transporters (BEV) between 3 and 6 tonnes has more than doubled to around 2200 compared to the same period of the previous year (+135 percent).

“In the new suitcase version, the Etge for deliverers is even more attractive,” says Marketing Chef Martin Imhoff. In addition to a high degree of loading, it is becoming increasingly important in the city more important to sustainably reduce exhaust and noise emissions. The MAN ETGE with suitcase construction offer the ideal combination for this purpose.

With suitcases, the MAN ETGE has a loading compartment of 3.28 meters in length, 2.06 meters wide and 2.0 meters altitude (optional 2.20 meters). This corresponds to a charging volume of 13.5 cubic meters. The invitation height is 1.05 meters. In the cargo space you can easily reach the rear by means of a pull-out, 4-stage entry-level assistance. In the interior there are on the safe stowing of the loading slide laterally and at the front. The dry freight suitcase comes from the company Spier Vehicle Work from Steinheim and is mounted on the construction manufacturer on the Etge.

The second innovation in the offer of the Etge serves according to one requirements for municipal services, construction as well as garden and landscaping. Here are a flatbed or a three-side tipper often the most sought after upstairs. These offer you now in cooperation with the manufacturer Schoon vehicle systems from Wiesmoor. The flatbed measures 3.25 meters in length and 2.04 meters in width. The folding side walls are 30 centimeters high. In the bunk 10 are recurred with 500 DAN traction. With flatbed the payload is 820 kilos, with the three-side tilting construction there are still 750 kilos.

The technical performance data of the MAN ETGE remain unchanged with the new construction possibilities. It has a battery capacity of 35.8 kWh and an electric drive power of 100 kW and 290 nm. The range is 115 kilometers to WLTP test procedure, but can rise up to 130 kilometers in the city, it says.

As standard with on board are emergency brake assistant, active tracking assistant, mountaineering, high beam, fatigue and side wind assistant. There are among other things LED light, parking sensors, climate analage and infotainment system.

In order to make the change to electromobility as smooth as possible, you can offer operators of fleets a consultation by experts from Man Transport Solutions. Here, among other things, questions about the use planning, charging infrastructure, battery management and cost-effectiveness are answered.

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