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Switched off: The manual transmission is dying out at VW

VW will gradually phase out the manual transmission from 2023. From the year 2030, only automatic switching will take place.

VW with manual gearbox.

Engage first gear, accelerate a little and release the clutch slowly: what is a nerve-racking balancing act for learner drivers is a pleasure for passionate drivers and classic car fans – and will soon be a thing of the past. The manual transmission is gradually disappearing from new cars. After Mercedes, VW has now also announced that it will soon only be possible to shift gears automatically.

The third model generation of the VW Tiguan will roll out in 2023 – without a gear lever or clutch pedal. The same applies to the new Passat, also in 2023. From 2030, models with manual transmissions will no longer be available – although VW intends to sell only electric cars in Europe by 2033 anyway, which means that the question of the type of transmission is unnecessary anyway.

As is so often the case, the reason for doing without the manual transmission was for economic reasons. Because fewer and fewer customers want to clutch and change gears themselves. This means that the expensive development of this technology is becoming less and less worthwhile. Mercedes will soon no longer offer manual transmissions. After all, clutching and shifting gears is no longer necessary for the driver’s license test.

Modern automatic transmissions can do that better anyway. They shift gears faster than a human being could ever do, making the car not only more nimble but also saving fuel; another reason why the manual transmission will gradually die out. In addition, manual transmissions cannot be combined with fuel-saving hybrid drives – and these are immensely important for the manufacturers in order to meet the CO2 specifications in the future. However, the manual transmission will not die out completely anytime soon. Porsche and BMW M, for example, are still sticking to this in selected models. Because in this environment, shifting gears should not be a chore, but a conscious component to enhance driving pleasure. After all, real coffee lovers don’t have coffee machines at home and many music lovers still swear by vinyl records.

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